Want To Learn How To Pleasure Your Partner Better? Relationship Expert Dishes Foreplay Tips To Men

Relationship expert, Amara Blessing Nwosu, has lectured men on how they can pleasure their women better in bed.

In a post on her Facebook page, she shared foreplay tips to men and how they can make their women beg for more.

We’re anticipating you’re above 18 years of age otherwise, no need to go reading further.

Read below:

”So I am so generous today that I want to teach men how to romance the body of a woman and get her begging for more…You didn’t hear that from me.

Some men are so terrible in foreplay that their partner finds it difficult connecting with them. Even before he undresses a lady, she can predict exactly what he will do, and guess what, he will do the same thing and at the end, give her so much pain and boredom in the name of foreplay.

Now, foreplay is the only way to arouse the senses of a woman and prepare her body for the main course meal. It’s the only way to truly connect with your woman.

First thing, find out what works for your spouse. You should keep this in mind.

During foreplay, say something, unless you are suc*ing her bre*st. Complement her beauty, her body, her bre*st, her nip*les, everything about her.

Next, take time to tease her body. This is the best way to give a woman great anticipation for s*x. Don’t grab her bre*st, truth is that the most important is those small dots, not the pound of flesh on her chest, use your tongue and gently li*k around her nip*les, and don’t su*k her as she might have predicted.

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Start by dry-licking other areas of her body, don’t go right down to her cli*oris or start fin*ering immediately. As you play with the other part of her body, she will most likely try to direct you to where she wants you, but pretend like you don’t understand

When you get to her paradise, she’s expecting you to launch in, tease her some more. Use the tip of your r*d and play with her cli*oris. Let her beg for some more, and then gently thrust like you are now ready to make her world glow in ecstasy.

As you tease her and give her some quality foreplay, her breath and body rhythm will tell you that you are doing a good job.

And when you master this pretty well, trust me, she will always look forward to making love with you.

Now that you know, I hope you won’t disappoint me during practicals”.

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