Finally , The Trap God ” Slim Josh gives us a heavy hit  and he calls this one “ Holy Ghost “

Holy ghost is a song you should listen to


Read What Slimjosh said:

I wrote this song early this year, it actually came as a burden to my heart There’s this common issue in churches and all religious gatherings, we Christian tend to judge one another especially when we see flaws not that we don’t have ours but cause there’s is revealed we judge them even badly than how God will.One thing we don’t know is that the fact you do good to someone or people doesn’t make u a good person and if you do bad doesn’t make u a bad person either. Is Christ in us that makes the difference.That is what actually inspired me to write the song “Holy Ghost” cause I felt those issues need to be addressed, someone need to say something, I mean am not perfect neither are you, we don’t need to judge each other we all need to fix up our lives and only the Holy Ghost can cause that perfect fix. Let’s unite and have one voice.

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