Shocking Video: Muslim Girl From Kaduna, Wearing Hijab Declares Herself The First Ever Nigerian Pornstar From Northern Nigeria Unleashes Video

This one is certainly a sign of end time, It seems bl*e film is gradually becoming an occupation in Nigeria, A Girl who claims she is from Kaduna and is a muslim just joined controversial adult film company Free thinkers, and has just released the first ever Muslim adult video wearing her Hijab. This one is a very big Abomination (Haram).

It seems the po*n business in Nigeria is opening up.
Back in February 2017, Pulse Gist profiled Kingtblakhoc, a man who claims he is Nigeria’s first po*n star. If you have stumbled into the R18 section of Twitter NG you would have heard of him.
In this *** area of the micro-blogging site, a new player has come into the fledgling industry. Free Thinkers Production is the name of the company and it has released a bunch of titles such as “Nigerian Sister-In-Law”, “Visa Girl”, and “Stoned Girl.”

Free Thinkers Production or FTP has been in business for two years and one of the men behind it is a guy known as @datkindboy on Twitter and on *videos. In this line of business, anonymity isn’t surprising as the men behind the business prefer to be known by their alias.

Pulse was able to snag an interview with @datkindboy and he opened up about the po*n business in Nigeria. “I’ve always loved po*n, and I believe Nigeria is number one in anything entertainment in Africa plus Nigerians are among the countries with the highest number of po*n watchers on the Internet” he states.
His love for po*n gave him the idea to start this business and with a capital of N100,000, he was able to float his own po*n production company.
The po*n flicks and straight up r*w and do not have the glossy post-production feel of its American counterparts. When you watch them, you would have no doubt that they are Nigerian produced. In one of the clips, you can hear one of the female performers speaking in pidgin English.

How do they get the women that perform in their videos? Nigerians are very conservative about s*x in public even though in private it is another ball game. @datkindboy says the women in the videos are gotten from the talent pool of video vixens and strippers- two relatively healthy industries in Nigeria.

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“I believe Nigerian girls won’t mind featuring in a po*n movie as long as the pay is good” he further says. @datkindboy readily admits that right now the industry is more at an investing stage than returns but the feedback from consumers has been motivating to say the least.
He says via e-mail “I have to say I’m really surprised at the comments we’ve gotten so far, our call lines are always busy with calls and messages from Nigerians both male and female wanting to act or to commend our effort, some to show appreciation.
“It has been very good so far, one of the reasons we are still in the business, Nigerians love what we do 100 percent. Even though we try to pretend in public.”
The patronage of these videos on Twitter and *videos has led to the creation of the Free Thinkers Production’s website aptly called Naija Raw Po*n where members can subscribe to get exclusive content.
FTP uses private apartments and hotel rooms to shoot. @datkindboy says he handles the camera, directs and “basically everything” else.
The production company also claims that the performs in its videos go for HIV/STD tests. @datkindboy also adds “And it’s a mutual agreement between the male and female models to feature in the movies.”

The po*n business in Nigeria is growing. We don’t have a Larry Flynt or Hugh Hefner yet but some people have started making the business grow.
“There’s a high rise of upcoming producers in the industry, as well as aspiring models, once it becomes a multi million industry in Nigeria, a lot of people will want to venture into it, as long as the pay keeps rising,” says @datkindboy.
Well, this one made in Nigeria business for you to patronize…if this is your sort of thing.

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