See The Reason Why Airplanes Are Banned From Flying Over Barcelona Star Lionel Messi’s House

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Many people are unaware that planes are forbiden from flying over the
area Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi’s house is located and a new
report has explained why.

Back in March 2018, Spanish airline, Vueling entered into an
unplanned altercation with Football star Lionel Messi’s fans when the
airline’s president Javier Sánchez-Prieto said in an interview that
planes weren’t allowed to fly over Messi’s House in EL Prat Barcelona,
and because of that, El Prat’s airport wouldn’t develop or expand.

Sánchez-Prieto was busy explaining why a plan to expand to
Barcelona’s El Prat airport was being held up and casually remarked;
“You cannot pass over where Messi lives.””This doesn’t happen anywhere
else in the world.”

The comments generated a lot of negative reaction on social media
against the airline and the airline was forced to issue an apology to
the footballer and anyone that might have been hurt by their president’s

People on social media started questioning why Lionel Messi’s
mansion, located in El Prat, Barcelona was a no fly zone, and after a
year and seven months, AS magazine has published a report explaining why
airlines don’t fly over Messi’s house.

According to AS, Barcelona’s airport is under environmental
restrictions, and planes entering from El Prat into the Barcelona
stadium have to take a different turn-around route to protect endangered
fauna and flora species.

According to Spanish daily, AS;

‘As might have been expected, the answer was rather more
straightforward than Messi instructing El Prat not to interrupt his

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‘The Barcelona captain lives in the municipality of Gavà, about 25km
outside of Barcelona and inside the Parque Natural del Garraf, an area
protected under Spanish environmental legislation and that contains
endangered flora and fauna.’

‘Therefore, planes arriving at and leaving El Prat have to make a
small detour out into the Mediterranean to bypass the area, which also
answers that question for anybody who has flown to Barcelona and
wondered why that 180º turn is necessary.’

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