Remembering Some Of Our Old Jokes – Read And Laugh

You Ladies that Normally watch Korean, Philippians or Indian Movie and see a lady in an angry mood slaps her man and the man tries to kiss her to cool her brain down. Because of that, you went and slap your Nigerian boyfriend who has not eaten since last night…Wait Am coming, Let me go and price wheel chair for you.😂😂😂

When you block a slap from your Mum in Nigeria, just get ready to explain to the entire family why you want to kill her.😂😂😂

That awkward moment when your Dad scolds you on Whatsapp for being careless and threatens not to pay your school fees, and you wanted to write “sorry” but auto correct spelling changed it to “story”. My brother, Jesus said” it is finished “😂😂😂😂

You sing Davido’s 30billion for the account, but you owe MTN. Chai! My brother bow down your head and say after me. My father my father, anybody frying akara on top my destiny, die by fire. #lwkmd.😂😂😂

I thought I have seen it all until I saw her eating eba with hand glove..choi!!! Nobody,I repeat nobody should hold me let me just faint.😂😂😂

My roommate just came back with his babe today, now they have been here staring at me for the past 6hours they think I’ll go outside to give them privacy. Ah! i cannot support evil😂😂😂

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