1. They Take Longer and Longer to Call or Text You Back:
Taking their privacy away is something you shouldn’t do, but if they take advantage of your trust on them then they are either a terrible person or they think you are stupid enough to trust them blindly.

If they take too long to text you back or return a call, then there are chances of them chea”ting on you. In the dating pe”riod, you get to know how quick they are at replying to your texts and how long it takes them to get back to you on a phone call. If that is changed and they deliberately take hours to text you back, there is enough space for doubt to arise. It does not take too much time to reply to a text and even if they are actually busy, it won’t be once or twice. Repetition of late response is a sign for you.
2. They Always Stop Making Calls When They See You:
 This sign is easy for you to notice but only if you are wiser than them.

3. They Take a Shower As Soon As They Get Home:
Their sudden habit of getting into the shower as soon as they return from work or somewhere else may be because of the new person they are spending time with. This sign may not be very common but if you notice them becoming a shower-freak, then there are chances they want to get ri.d of the smell of the person they sle”pt with or anything else that will get them caught, like a ki”ss-mark.
If not going into the shower, it can be running into the bat”hro”om as soon as they get home, for many reasons.

If you want to make sure that this habit of theirs is not because they are slee”ping with someone else, but just because they prefer to shower first, then try to test them by either hugging or kis”sing. See if they hesitate or resist and tell you that they will be out from the shower in minutes and then catch you. Frequent excuses for not doing anything before taking a shower can be forms of the sign they are sleeping with someone else.

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