Pregnant Ghanaian Lady Dumps Her 5-yr-old Stepdaughter Inside Bowl Of Extremely Hot Water, For Bedwetting

Facebook user Afoko Ruth, has just taken to her account to cry out after a pregnant Ghanaian lady dumped her 5-yr-old stepdaughter inside a hot water, leaving her private parts affected for bedwetting;

So 5yrs old Esinam has been tortured by her step mum all because she claims she wet her bed. She was dumped in a hot boiled water and locked up in her room for 3 weeks so that know one finds out. this images you are seeing was as a result of what her step mother of hers who is even pregnant did to her. This didn’t happen in a “Village” but in a community called Odumprala close to Amasaman in the GA south municipality.
As a result of keeping 5yrs old Esinam indoors without any medical attention her private parts have been affected according to Amasaman Doctor’s report.
Where are our women and children activists? Little Esinam needs some justice!
Until the minister for Gender,Children and Social Protection and other civil societies sees this and seek for justice for little Esinam pls help me share this till help comes,thank u.

So this the woman who did this cruel and barbaric act to her step daughter all because she claims her step daughter wets her bed. The case is currently at Amasaman police station but funny enough de woman is walking freely and in her comfort of her home.The dangerous thing is if this kid continues to stay with this wicked woman so who knows what would be next..??
Why am I making noise?
*Esinam needs proper medical care because she has bin infected. *Esinam needs a better home not to stay with this lady *5yrs Esinam herself seeks justice cos she’s traumatised.
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