Photos: Nigerian Woman Cries Out On Facebook

A Nigerian producer named Lara Bamisaiye Fatunbi just took to facebook to cry out after seen 5 policemen escort their boss’ wife to a salon in Abuja;

Fellow Nigerians pls see this annoying show of shame… all these police n mopol followed their Oga’s wife to make her hair in poly plaza Abuja. .. what a waste of tax payers money and govt resources. 1 human being! So annoying, so wrong. The rest of us don’t matter right???

See some reactions below;

slayers_onlyyI will say it again, one thing I like about my dear country Nigeria is Capitalism. Make your own money and carry 50 mopol
lollyvannilaI can relate with this cos I owned a salon and this have happened before in my shop. They were two though… 😂
official_drloveoneSo because we have security problems, them go use our tax money 💰 park police follow oga wife go salon abi, that wan self na official duty abi, and some people say e make sense because of dem dey kidnap anyhow this days, how police no go dey beat una like animals , SEE WE BETTER SAY THE TRUTH, what is bad is bad, #9ja wake up.

primrosedodoWhat does she need 5 police escorts for? These men should be patrolling the street making sure people are safe, the sad thing is if you call for assistance now they will tell you we are short of police men bla bla bla or no car. Honestly one is okay for her if she must have an escort at all, biko this is misplaced priority

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lanzyabMind your business and stop showing people how bitter, ignorant and jealous you’re. This isn’t tax payer money. Go to SPU ( Special Protection Unit) of Nigerian Police Force and make the necessary arrangement and payment and you’d have your own police escorts too. It is legal and it is open to all Nigerians provided you can afford it.

sammy_brown2Why are u upset? If u hv the money they will follow u, it’s not a show of shame, who knows the threat the family have received. Go and hide pls. Nextttt

princesamekofiNothing like tax money here if you see like this then is special protection i was give to my mom 4 police men when she was home so mind your damn business 😞😞😞😞😞

destined2succeeddLol how is it tax payers money? Someone sounds jealous. Stop assuming because this lady could be a high judge or something and those men are assigned to protect her. Even if they are hired you can do the same if you have the coins

sammy_brown2@primrosedodo the family might hv received threats considering the way it country is unsafe. There r special protection forces in most countries, if u can afford to pay for it. Next pls

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