Photos: Nigerian Man, Emeka Okeke Aka Baba Mutu From Enugu State, Shows Off His New Look After Amazing Weight Loss

According to a facebook page named Anambra Broadcasting Service – ABS a Nigerian man, Emeka Okeke aka Baba Mutu from Enugu State,

Just showed off his new looks after his weight loss procedure;

Emeka Okeke, popularly known as Baba Mutu in Enugu where he lives shares his astonishing weight loss pictures.

see some reactions below;

Dele Aina In Nigeria of today ,u don’t actually need much drugs to reduce ur weight again . U only need to think about Nigeria future and ur future ,bro no one go tell u to stop thinking . The next thing u will here is ……pls don’t kill urself or do u have AIDS

Kenneth Nwadike Hmmm If really that was really the size of his trousers then the transformation is breathtaking and ass whopping…..thank God he lost weight bc those fat people re always lazy,dirty and most atyms get inferiority complex as a result of looking obessed

Ndukwe Abigail OluchiComments got me laughing, I wish to see the pictures but I’m using free facebook, if you’re also using free facebook don’t feel bad just go through the comments to see the content of the post then come back here for a selfie, cheers

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