One Year After Big Brother Naija 2017 – The Housemates That Made It, Those That Are Struggling, And Those We Have Totally Forgotten About

It has been almost one year, since Big Brother Naija See Gobbe hit our television screens, and left the continent with some very great entertainment, filled with the much needed reality TV drama.

As we await the debut of season 3 of the reality TV show, slated for 28th January, 2018, we take a look back at the housemates from last year, to see how well they have fared outside the house; who has made it, who is on their way to making it, and who has fallen completely off our minds, both literally and otherwise.

1. Efe

Efe as we all know, was the fan favourite of the show last year, for reasons best known to his ‘warri’ fans.

How the young lad fared after winning the N25 million prize and a SUV? Well, to be honest, it has been quite disappointing to say the least.

Efe decided to follow the path of being a musician after exiting the house, but his so called fans, ‘efe nation’, have failed to support his music career, by purchasing his music, the way they went all out to make sure he won the show. His singles, ‘Based on Logistic’ and ‘Somebody’, actually sound nice, but I guess no one was ready to even pay any attention to his music, in a world of Davido and Wizkid.

Apart from making music, and a few D-class event appearances he does, we do not know what else he actually does for income at the moment.

2. Uriel

We can easily without any apology, describe Uriel as the real winner of Big Brother Naija 2017. This is because, even though she did not make it to the top 5 on the show, she has managed to achieve some level of great success after exiting the house, and has kept herself in our faces via her very hilarious videos on Instagram.

Apart from her wig and make up gigs, Uriel is also an Ambassador for Payporte, Imo State Carnival, and Nexus Appliances.

This is not bad at all for someone who was kicked off the show quite early into the game.

3. Bassey

Ladies man, Bassey, has tried to stay booked after being evicted from the show in almost its final weeks. Some of us thought he was a strong contender to win the prize money, especially with the very positive spirit he always displayed in the house at ALL TIMES, well except a very few time.

Bassey is currently on a drama series showing on Africa Magic, and has been busy on set shooting various roles in some Nollywood movies, which we believe will be out soon.

He was also one of the Faces of the recently concluded Calabar Carnival, organised by his State Government, Cross-River.

4. Bisola

Big Brother Naija 2017 may have cleaned up Bisola, so to speak, but has she exceeded our expectations of her, after the leaving the house? Oh No!

Bisola was a front runner for the N25 million prize money, as she was so funny, quite dramatic, and a bit well known before entering the house.

However, with many expecting her to shut down Nollywood with blockbuster movie roles after exiting the house in second position, it is sad to say that we are still yet to be woke by any of such roles by her in any movie.

She is also a beautiful singer, arguably the best in the house, but she is yet to drop any real music for us to judge.

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Here is still hoping for he best for the very talented young lady.

5. Debie-Rise

Debie-Rise has quite impressed us after leaving the Big Brother Naija 2017 house. With not so much force behind the Kogi-born young lady, she has managed to gather over 300k followers on Instagram and pushed her music even to this day.

She has cleaned up herself the most, and we believe the future is bright for the famously called guitar girl.

Her first single with fellow housemate, Basses, ‘Joy and Pain’, was very well received, compared to what winner, Efe, has dropped so far.

Debie-Rise is currently hard at work on a radio tour, promoting her upcoming EP, ‘RAGE’.

6. Coco-Ice

Although, Igwe Coco-Ice as she is fondly called, was one of our favourites on the show, we are yet to figure out what she has been up to, after leaving the house in the very early weeks of the show.

We do remember she dropped a single, ‘Feeling Ma P’, accompanied with a video, after the show concluded, but we are yet to hear any follow up material. Oh well!

7. Soma

The very talented Soma, who many wished would have stayed longer on the show, but was unfortunately the first housemate to exit the show, has been quite successful.

Apart from being a Payporte Fashion Ambassador, the very young lad has dropped two official singles, ‘One Plus One’, and ‘Liquor’.

Although, ‘One Plus One’ was an old material, it is still a fresh play to listen to every now and then, while his latest single, ‘Liquor’, is actually a slow banger, which is gradually getting the airplay that it rightly deserves.

Here is wishing Soma more great success in 2018.

8. TBoss

Apart from doing a few photoshoots here and there, attending events, and hanging out with Ubi Franklin in his rented private jet, we honestly do not know what else the controversial TBoss has been up to, after being involved in the most messy situations on the show.

She is still however a delight to look at, so we hope she gets a lot of coins from people just wanting to stare at her very stunning self.

9. Marvis

After being used and dumped by Big Brother Naija 2017 winner, Efe, we all forgot about the cute Marvis. She did not even get to share in the N25 million, nor the SUV.

The last time we checked, nothing on her social media pages showed specifically what Marvis has been up to since been dumped by Efe.

Well, keep shinning those teeth, something may come in 2018.

10. Miyonse

TBoss’ boy toy on the show, Miyonse, has fared not too bad, after being booted off the show, as he has transformed into a professional chef, now working as an Ambassador for Payporte’s Foodstore and also SamVita Foods.

This is not bad at all; who would have thought.

11. Gifty

Who can forget the mysterious Gifty, who does not know Banky W and Falz; the one with 40 different accents.

Where has all that stunt led her? Not too far, I suppose.

After her exit from the house, Gifty has been best known for her social media fights and antics. That is all!!!

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