Nigeria Ranked Second Worst Electricity Supply Nation In The World

Nigeria has been ranked the second worst electricity supply Nation in 2017. This is according to the Spectator Index. The group released the ranking on its twitter handle. Yemen was ranked the worst electricity supply Nation. see some reactions below;

Precious Basil they actually robbed us of our first position. how can they do this to us?We must protest against this o. Country wey grass they steady for transformer. If you dunno have grasses in yours and you’re in this country please look at the name of your street again. You might be in zambia thinking its naija

Chris Bukas Incomparable Second or first? If Nigeria did not take the first position, then there was magomago in that election!

Kenneth Nwadike in that case which country is the 1st. that country must be sheeeege bc here in nigeria our national anthem every new born babyy learn first is……..UP NEPAAAA……

Bright Chukwuma Aku I dreamt I went to the bank,came out with 85k.waking up I found the exact money besides m.For the first tym,my dream came to reality,immediately went to the market and bought everythy I needed.On returning my father said”I hope u saw your school fees 85k”.

Peace Nnenna Anikwe Y second! It’s supposed to be first! Nigeria is the first and worst! Am leaving this country! Biafra here I come!

Prince Abiodun Lincoln No be our fault na, we be all black, our heart is dark too, village elders meet in the night, inshort we love darkness, our nepa just followed suit……… Never expect power always, please hold candle Nigerians, since 1860

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Eunice Okwari Biko This report is biase Nigeria is actually the first not second at all which country fit pass us for this one

Prince Essential-Felix Ikejemba I don’t believe this new. Nigeria should be at the top. I don’t think any country should be competing with us in this

Ndubuisi Friday That’s just what it is. Hear in the southeast Emeka Ofor and his EEDC are busy making a mockery of our intelligence. No supply, no maintenance and yet high bill.

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