Music : Nyong – Oyo Oro

Prince Nyong Inyang, Pan Africanist Activist, Song-writer/Singer is a Nigerian who’s currently living and working in Italy as a SPECIALISED INTERCULTURAL MEDIATOR, INSTRUCTOR AND TECHNICAL CONSULTANT to Asylum seeking system, Asylum Centres, immigration office and prefectures.

As bona-fide son of the soil, OYO ORO SOUND came as consciousness awakening song to the entire ORO NATION, re-rooting to their DISTINCT nature, heritage UKPABANG OKPO, identity brotherly love of AFANG KI CODE. And the need to be conscious and remain valiant as children of a fearless Warrior not to be chickened out or allowed to be subjugated for any reason…

Upholding to the high moral value we are known for and let love lead


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