Make money From Music – How To Earn From Your Music

How do I make money from music? This is a question that many musicians ask themselves. There are a variety of strategies that can help make the most out of your music and make some money in the process. I will share with you 11 ways to make money from your music!

Make money From Music - How To Earn From Your MusicMake your own website

A website is one way to make money with music. It’s a great place for you to set up your own store and sell the songs that are available on iTunes or from CD Baby.

You can also make this site interactive by having visitor playlists and inviting them to contribute their favourite albums, bands, etc… The best part about owning your own website is that you make all the money from it.

If you don’t want to make your own website, then there are other websites on the internet where musicians can sell their music. These sites take a cut of what you make and they’re really easy to use:

If you make your own website, make sure that it’s mobile-friendly. Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop and if people can’t find your music on their smartphones, then they will go to another site.

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Sell CDs and DVDs at live shows

If you perform live, make sure that you sell your CDs and DVDs at these shows. You can either make them available for sale or have a person there to take orders.

Another strategy is to mail the physical copies of your CD directly to customers who want it in their mailbox: this helps avoid shipping costs as well as encourages repeat sales.

You can make a website just for your CDs and DVDs, post about it on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, or advertise the show with posters and flyers. The more you promote this site before the event, the better chance of people coming to buy from you at that time.

Selling Merchandise

What about selling shirts, hats, and other merchandise items with your band’s logo? This is another way to make money from music. You can have these products made or you could make them yourself by using screen printing techniques and a silk-screening kit.

You should make sure that the merchandise matches up well with what you’re already selling. For example, if you make your own website and sell the songs from iTunes or CD Baby, then you can make t-shirts that say things like “I’m on your playlist!”

Teach Music

Another way to make money from music is by teaching it. There are a variety of ways that you can teach:

– You could work with kids in after school programs, community centres or as private lessons for one person at a time; If you’re more advanced and have your own curriculum, then maybe you want to teach lessons online or make videos on YouTube.

This is a great way to make money from music if you have the time and patience to do it. You can make this more of your focus by teaching multiple courses in various locations: some people might want private lessons, others might prefer group classes while still others may be interested in workshops.

You can also create courses on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare

Create a YouTube channel

Another great way to make money from music is to create a YouTube channel, upload your music videos, daily vlogs or other content related to your music life, then work to meet youtube’s requirement for video monetization and start making money.

Sell beats and samples

Sell your beats and samples to make money. You can also make money by licensing them out for commercial use, meaning that a company will come along and purchase the rights to your beat (or recording) in order to use it as background music in their advertisement or video.

Make money playing gigs

One of the most profitable ways musicians make money from music is by playing gigs. There are many different types of concerts a musician can play, and they all vary in terms of the number of people attending, as well as how much money is earned per show.

Playing solo: Solo performers make more money when they perform at venues with fewer patrons or at small house shows where tickets are sold on a donation basis.

Playing in a band: Some make up to $300 per show at large venues such as festivals. Others make less than that playing local bars or even don’t make anything when they play house concerts for free.

A lot of musicians will have an agent who finds gigs and negotiates pay terms with the promoter or venue on their behalf.

Performing for tips: Some musicians make money by performing in restaurants, bars and other venues where they can accept tips from listeners. Tips are paid directly to the musician after a show or on an ongoing basis when working as staff at a restaurant or bar.

Performers may even make up their entire income through tip jars, which make it possible to make a living solely by performing live.

Streaming Royalties From Digital Distribution

Another effective means to make money from music is from streaming royalties. Streaming royalties are paid out by the likes of Apple Music, Spotify and other digital distribution platforms according to a percentage of sales revenue.


– What is an artist’s share?

An artist’s share will vary depending on their contract with that particular company but it can be as high as 50%.

– How do artists make money from streaming royalties?

The artist earns a portion of the revenue generated by their music. Digital distribution platforms make payments to the rights holder for each time that song is streamed, either on or offline and this payment can be in the form of flat fees per month as well as percentage rates based on sales revenues.

– How much money can artists make from streaming royalties?

The more popular the artist, the higher their share of revenue is likely to be. For example, Taylor Swift’s Spotify earnings for one month were about $40 million dollars and Drake earned over a staggering $20 million in his first week on Apple Music.

– Spotify’s royalty rates are not set in stone and will vary depending on the country where it operates, but they generally start at 0.0016 cents per stream (including advertising).

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