Latest Nigeria Short Jokes That Would Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. Guy: You are the sunshine of my life..Without you life is cloudy.
You are in my heart like rain water for barren land.

GIRL: Is this a proposal or a “weather report”?

2. My ex invited me to her wedding. I can’t wait to dance and kick the cake by mistake. 😂😂😂

3. Imagine that awkward silence when Abraham and Isaac were walking home after He had tried to sacrifice him.

4. Abraham: I love u son

Isaac: Papa leave me alone o. Else I go change am for you. 😂😂😂

5. Girl: I’m leaving you coz you focus too much on football 😤😤
Boy: Are you leaving on loan or full transfer ? 😂😂😂

6. Difference between American teaching you how to drive and Nigerian doing same.

American: Move the steering slowly,press brake,move slowly.

Nigerian: Oya Come, Come.. “Oya Cut Your OUR Hand , I say Cut Your Hand.
CUT IT FULL…Idiot see trailer coming ooo..You’ll just die like fowl.

7. How to avoid traffic in Lagos Nigeria.

1) Drive only between 11pm and 4am
2) Buy helicopter
3) Become governor
4) Be a witch
5) Don’t come to Lagos.

8. Two mad men decided that they have to attend school, so they collected old books and sat under a tree pretending that it was a school.
The following day, one got there early and climbed the tree. As the other came and saw his friend on top of the tree he asked: “what are you doing up there?”
The friend replied: i’m in high school now!!😂😂😂

9. Do You Know We All Have HIV?

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Some are HIV Positive and others are HlV Negative.

10. Quote of the day:
“Sometimes change will not be given to you; you must ask for it.” – JM

Who is JM? Jamiu Moshood, a bus conductor in Oshodi Lagos.😂😂😂

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