Lady Who Became A Mother At 18 Gets Her Masters Degree At 24 With 4.0 CGPA

A South African lady has surmounted obstacles to get her life back on track after getting pregnant at 17.

Now at 24, she has obtained a Masters degree with an impressive 4.0 CGPA.

She shared the good news on Twitter writing;

“Pregnant @ 17, Mom @ 18, Associates @ 20, Bachelors @ 22, Masters @ 24, 4 semesters later, 4.0 GPA, 12/17/17 @ 10am
MSIT, conc. in Cyber Security”

See some reactions:

Okwor Friday Arinzechukwu She is lucky to be born into good family and congrats cuz she forget d*ck and used her brain😂 now she can have many as she want😜. Oya Cab man how much will you take me back home. 😁🏃

Testimony Alenkhe I believe you came from a wealthy family if not bcos some pregnancy is a life jail or many years sentence till u realize yourself again. Anyway, congratulations to you!

Uppgreddeen Wilson They are always getting pregnant. No chill and they will come to tell fake inspirational story. Then a mature and understanding man that will accept them. Why not say no to premarital sex?Maybe just maybe you would have achieved more if you weren’t pregnant.

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