Kim Kardashian Hits P3nis Pipe With Ray J In New Leaked Tape

An old video of Kim Kardashian and Ray J has surfaced online. It shows the social media star smoking from a p3nis-shaped pipe held by the “One Wish” singer from his crotch. According to a source, Kanye West is unhappy about the clip of his wife and her former partner.

“Kanye is not happy about the latest Kim and Ray J tape. Kanye is furious, has a bunch of questions about the p3nis pipe tape and feels pretty sure Ray J is behind the latest leak,” their source revealed.

“Kanye is demanding some answers, he wants to know why Ray J would leak this tape, and if Ray didn’t leak, then who did? While Kim is embarrassed over the whole situation, Kanye is upset and feels disrespected.”

Although Kanye had resolved his feelings about the initial s3x tape, the latest footage has unearthed some resentment in the family man.
“At one point Kanye was all about the s3x tape with Kim and Ray J, but now that he is married and a father to Kim’s kids it burns him to see that the tape is still referenced and people still see it and that it is still a thing. He is upset that Ray J will always be remembered for the tape.”

The source continues, stating that Kardashian is hoping to shift her husbands focus away from the past.
“But Kim is trying to reassure him that he should move on from it and focus his attention on more important things. She doesn’t want it to become a thing even though he is starting to make it a thing.”

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