Inside Life (Part 9) 18+ By Angela Nwosu

Inside life. Part 9!

Na fine bouncing baby girl I born, the pikin resemble John die. See pikin wey I been wan go comot o, as them put the pikin for my hand like this eeh, e get one kain feeling wey just grab me, I no even know when I begin cry. See as she innocent, be like angel, over precious dey worry am. Na wetin make me decide to name am Precious and John gree. Thank God for John o, if not, shebi I for no experience this kain joy now from my precious.

But inside my mind, I still dey fear small where john dey, say make im no change, as person wey no fit stay a day without knacking, now wey I don born so, I wonder how im go use manage until my body recover finish. Na God go help me o, as I dey observe am, im still dey act cool, infact, na now sef im goodness start. John just dey do everything, im go cook, clean, arrange house, carry food kon gimme for hospital, clean me up, upon say I get special nurse wey I dey pay to do everything for me, John no go let the nurse do im work. I just dey talk for my mind make e be say no be fake im dey fake everything, my love for am don strong and pikin don come enter the matter.

The day wey dem discharge us from hospital, my sister call me dey cry for phone, say im mumu boyfriend don pursue am for house, use beating design im face, I no get choice, but to invite am come lagos, na my younger sister, nothing wey I fit do, but I say make I tell John, make e no be like say I take decision by myself, because na me get house. As we dey prepare to sleep, I kon tell am…

Ngozi; e get wetin I wan tell you about my younger sister”

John; wetin do am?

Ngozi; omo, im say im boyfriend beat am o, kon pursue am comot for house, say im no get place to stay and im no know anybody for that port harcourt, na why I reason make im come stay with us”

John; haba, you no need take permission from me na, for house wey be your own again, and na your sister we dey talk about, no wahala na, make im dey come. That im yeye boyfriend no deserve am at all”

Ngozi; Hian, when you go stop to dey sound like this? This house na me and you don get am so and na here we dey start family, no dey remind me say na me get house, I dey respect you wella as man wey you be, na why I need tell you, even if na about my sister or anybody”…

After the second day wey we talk about am, my sister carry 2 big bags land for my house, by the time wey she don settle down, John don come back from bakery. Cos since I born, im no dey go everyday like before and the day wey im go say make im go, na to just check one or two things, talk to the staff and come back house. I tell am make we get househelp, im no gree, im say na im go dey use im hand dey do everything for the house, I don talk tire, but John no gree. As im come back that night na, I say make I introduce am to my sister. That one dey im room, so I call am for phone to come inside my room to meet John.

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I just put pikin for bed to sleep, when my sister enter room, John dey baf for bathroom. My sister name na Nkoli…

Ngozi; how far na? I hope say you no dey cry again? No think about that your yeye boyfriend wey no deserve you at all, no be all man dem dey cry for”

Nkoli; no wahala, this your pikin fineee. You no even tell me say you carry belle, not to talk of say you don born, wetin I do you na, wey make you keep this kain thing secret so? Me wey be your only sibling…wait o, na engagement ring you wear? Chim o, Ngozi, you even dey engaged sef, heei God, wuch kain life be this? see plenty better things wey dey happen for your life, you no dey even tell me and we dey talk for phone almost every week o”

Ngozi; nne eeh, abeg, no vex for your sister jare, everything happen fast, before I go reason one finish, another one don happen and the thing wey make me no tell you be say I wan make sure say everything real, the whole thing be me like film trick”

Nkoli; nothing wey you go tell me wey go make me believe all this wan wey you dey talk, but make I just pretend say I believe. Abeg, who be the bobo? Shey na that your colleague wey fine like winch, kon get money scatter…wait, abi na Lawrence, that guy wey dey work for oil company wey you tell me about am one time like that?”

Ngozi; hehehe, russia, you no go calm down make I tell you the person? You wan tell me say you no hear shower dey run inside bathroom? Na im dey inside, im dey baf, I call you come here make I introduce you to am”

Nkoli; I hear water dey run, I think say you dey put water for bucket, my mind no too reason am. How come im dey baf for your bathroom, im wan sleep here today?”

As the question dey comot from my sister mouth, John just tie towel come out from bathroom…

To be continued.

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