Inside Life (Part 8) 18+ By Angela Nwosu

Inside life. Part 8!

More months pass, John kon start work for the bakery. I pimp am wella for am, even buy one delivery van wey go dey supply things to customers. I don too love John and ready do anything for am, na why I no even tell am how the money wey im dey make for the bakery go be. I been carry for mind to start to pay am 50k per month, then if business begin boom, I go high am to 70k, but as love kon begin shack me wella, I no even talk anything. Make im dey do the business dey save the money, na man im be, im family poor and na im be first born. Me no kukuma need money, the one wey dem dey pay me for work don do me.

As we dey go enter one year for the boyfriend and girlfriend matter, I kon carry belle, as I say make I go comot am, one mind kon tell me say make I tell John first, as per say im no fit stay a day without knacking and im dey track my period die, sometimes sef, we dey enter bathroom do am inside my period, if the thing hook am too much and im no fit wait for period to finish. That night, as I reach house, John don cook finish dey wait as usual. Chai, Johny my lover, bobo too good abeg. The whole thing still dey be me like film trick…

Ngozi; E get wetin I want make me we talk about, before I take action. I no go like do am and you kon find out later, e no make sense”

John; you don carry belle and you dey plan comot am for my back, abi no be wetin you wan talk be that?”

Ngozi; chim o, this guy, you be winch. How you take know?”

John; na you dey ask this question, Ngo? E be like you no know the kain way wey I take love you. My life like this dey your hands, if you no kill me eeh, I no go die again. I dey monitor you wella na, I sabi your body language sef pass you. I know say you no see your period last 2 months and last month, I still know say you never see am this month. Na last month sef I notice say you don get belle, but I no wan talk anything, I just dey pray make you use your mouth tell me and make you no go comot am, becos my chest go explode for pain. E go give me mad joy say sharp erimma like you born pikin for me. Walahi, no be anyhow woman I go like give belle o, all these girls wey full street, wey carry only kpekus without brain, go kon born nuisance for person say na pikin. Na your bus stop I park up, say na you or nothing o”

Ngozi; chai, John. See my life, imagine say I don even book appointment finish with my doctor to comot the belle, I suppose go see am today sef, but one mind just say make I tell you first, before I go meet am. The thing be say, I never ready born pikin, this thing no be small responsibility and I no want anything wey go make me stop my work. Na 27 years I dey like this, I don plan say I go enter 30 years, before I go begin reason pikin, so that I go don plan my life wella”

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John; abeg, Ngo, see my knees for ground”…. im kneel down for ground take kon meet me, collect my hand, kiss am, kon begin talk again… “I use God beg you, no comot this pikin, anything wey you want, I go do for you, nothing go affect your work, I swear. You see me like this eeh, I ready dedicate my life take train the pikin, na only for night you go dey carry am. Before you go work, you go use breast pump, take pump out milk store for fridge, I go take am up from there, thank God say na manager I be for the bakery, so no be every time my attention go dey needed. Abeg, I know say you don do many things for me already but do this last one, I no go beg you for anything again, abeg, Ngo”

Ngozi; e don do, John. Stand up already. I don hear, I no go comot am, everything wey you talk make sense and I no go deny you this opportunity, I no dey heartless, you hear?”

Omo, but na wa o, na so I take carry belle so for John, hmmm, this life just dey go the way I no expect am sha, but I no dey worry, so far, John don prove say na better person im be. Nobody know as God dey take bless person, e fit be say na John God take give me permanent blessing for where men dey. I go carry this belle and I go born am.

By the time wey my belle don reach 8 months, John kon propose to me. One sunday like that, after im don prepare on delicious oha soup, kon dey feed me the soup, na water im carry gimme to drink, I kon feel metal for my mouth, only for me to bring am out, see say na one giant fine ring, the next thing wey I see, bobo kneel down ozugbo, take the ring from my hand kon ask me if I go marry am. I use like two minutes think am wella, ask myself if this guy no go change if we marry, e fit dey possible say im dey enter me until I trust am wella, im go kon hit. I no know whether na the things wey I dey read for social media make me think like that, but I sha still accept the ring, tell am say I go marry am.

Since wey I meet John, we never fight, we never argue, we just dey go like something wey dem program. E dey make me fear sometimes sef, how you and person go dey for house, no argument, no fight. Everything wey I talk, John go accept. Even if im no like wetin I talk, im go first accept am, then later, for midnight or if we dey knack, im go begin reason me say wetin I talk no good and me sef go accept am.

Na so we dey go, business for bakery dey go well, John dey always dey house whenever I come back from work, no wahala anywhere, na so we be until I kon born…

To be continued.

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