Inside Life (Part 6) 18+ By Angela Nwosu

Inside life. Part 6!

I carry John go upstairs for my bedroom, bcos na for downstairs we dey since dey knack, im never see this side of this house, as im step inside my bedroom, guyman shout like frog wey dem pour hot water…

John; oh sacrament most holy🙆‍♀️”

Ngozi; wetin happen?”

John; omo, Ngo, na your bedroom be this? This one na entire flat for some kain areas for this lagos o, see your bed sef, haaa. Fear no go gree me lie down for this one o. I swear, since wey dem born me, I never enter this kain bedroom before, no wonder we dey complain say money no dey, na for this your house money finish o”

Ngozi; hehehe, this guy sef, abegy. You don talk finish? See door to bathroom, enter make you go freshen up before you sleep, I go baf after you”

John; wait, na this bathroom you say make I enter alone? Dem no born me well, if you no go follow me enter make we baf together, I go carry my body sleep like that”

Ngozi; hian, that one no be issue na. Oya, make we dey go inside bathroom, remove your trouser, see hanger for wardrobe hang am”

As I talk finish, I leave am waka enter bathroom, begin baf. I don put soap for face dey wash, before I feel mouth 👄 for my left orange wey dey my chest and hand for the other one, na so this boy draw the thing with im mouth eh, the sweetness weak me again, I quickly use shower 🚿 wash soap comot for my face, im mighty cucumber 🥒 don rigid again, I kon take soap dey wash am, as shower still dey run. Wetin this boy use mouth do my oranges eeh, I no go fit talk am finish. Everything wey dey happen to me na new experience, im own pattern of knacking, licking and sucking dey entirely different.

And im dey handle am with serious care, like say my body na glass, make e for no break. E no tey, guyman kneel down for bathroom, for my in-between, John finish my life, I swear to God. Haaa, this sweetness don gimme diabetes sha, I must go hospital tomorrow go run test, this excess sugar no be beans, eziokwu. By the time wey im stand up again, all the veins for im cucumber 🥒 kon be like say im wan tear, this one strong pass downstairs own, na so I open mouth…

Ngozi; You no dey tire? Upon everything wey we do downstairs, your body still stand like say we never do anything sef”

John; Ngo, no vex for me abeg, e don tey wey I do this thing. You no say if man no get money, to get girls go hard and my cucumber no dey help matter, the thing too big and e dey fear some girls. Na soapy I dey use help myself since more than 2 years now. As I dey now, e go reach like 4 rounds, before I fully bellefull”

As im dey talk, im hand don even reach my kpekus, dey tap am softly, while the other hand still dey my right orange for my chest.

Ngozi; no problem, my kpekus ready for you, naim be say we no go sleep o, anyhow sha, just use my body take help yourself as you want, your days of soapy don over”

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The one wey im do me for downstairs na small, compared to wetin John dey do me inside this bathroom. The sweetness make me faint, im use same sweetness wake me up from faint. Na now make me understand why some girls dey fall in love with broke men wey no get shishi. Dem no rich for pocket but them be multi billionaires for cucumber. Thank God say I get money, dey do better work, wetin I dey use man wey get money wey no sabi knack dey do? Na John be the ultimate, John sure pass like this, with John for my life, I get everything, nothing I need again.

E get something wey I kon notice for where John dey, each round wey we do, na different style and e dey last longer. E get the round wey I begin beg am to finish quick, I even wan run comot from bedroom, but im lock me down. The guy na bulldozer of kpekus. E no dey take am anything to demolish kpekus, na their im talent dey. The last round finish, I check time, na to 6 in the morning, me and John never sleep, my throat don dry finish, John just dey look me like say im just dey see me for the first time…

John; Ngo, you too sweet, I swear. Na you dem see begin call kpekus honey 🍯 pot. See as you fine, see hips, choii. Your honey kpekus na better addiction, I wish say you be my babe, I go dey puff shoulder anyhow for street. I know say I no reach to be your boyfriend, as I no get money or anything, na security man I dey do for bank, but my greatest wish be make you be my babe, na anytime wey I see you for bank, I dey pray for my mind say my wish go come true”

Ngozi; hmmm 🤔 “

John; I hope say wetin I talk never make you vex? This one wey you no talk anything so. Abeg, no vex, na as e be me for mind I talk so, I go understand if you say no, me with you no dey the same class”

Ngozi; no o, no be class matter sef, my problem be say I no dey get luck with men, since secondary school, dem don show me pepper, na why I decide to just dey alone, anytime wey I see knack, I knack clean mouth, that’s all. I no get heart again wey I go give man”

John; oya try me first na, make you see the difference. I no go do you bad, I swear, if I lie, make my papa die. I go do anything wey you want, as you want am, na so we go be, trust me. Just give me this opportunity, make I show you say all man no be same, no matter how many wey you don meet before”

Ngozi; e don do, I don hear, I go give you chance, but e no go dey too serious o, I no dey use my freedom play”

For my mind, I don already know say e go over serious, I just dey form wetin I no know. Who dem go put sugar for im mouth wey go say im no want kwanu? Like this now, I don get correct boyfriend, as girls dey find rich man, na so me dey find man wey sabi do, now I don meet John…

To be continued.

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