Inside Life (Part 4) 18+ By Angela Nwosu

Inside life. Part 4!

The peppersoup wey dey my microwave no even be issue again, as the thing don beep tire. John dey chop peppersoup wey pass peppersoup, the one wey dey microwave na man made. I just dey look John head as im dey swallow my kpekus like say na delicious vegetable soup, the guy use tongue show me sweet pepper, chim o. As im dey draw my kpekus with im mouth like say im wan pull am out from the socket, my legs just dey shake, e kon be like say im wan gimme stroke, one mind go say make I stop am, but the sweetness sef snatch my voice, I no fit call out im name, I just dey struggle to speak, like person wey dey stammer. Omo eeh, wetin this boy dey do me like this?

Men don straffe me and I don straffe men, but I never jam man wey lick me like John dey do me so, I no say straffing dey sweet but I no know say e sweet reach this level, honey 🍯 dey learn for where John dey, I swear. Na make I still get leg take waka after everything, bcos I no dey feel my legs again. John tongue, oh im tongue, chai, John tongue, chim oπŸ™†β€β™€οΈ John amigbuo m. E get where im tongue touch, I kon begin shout, big girl no dey this level again, my mama train me well but John don remove my proper home training.

As the matter dey go, my destination don dey reach, as John see say e don dey reach, maybe na bcos of how all my body dey vibrate pass as e dey vibrate before, my head join the vibration, na so this boy kon carry im two fingers put inside, im begin twist the two fingers inside as im tongue πŸ‘… still dey torture me. Small time, I kon start confess all my sins to John, nothing wey no comot from my mouth under 30 seconds. As I finally calm down, John kon help me stand up, I try to wear my cloth back, but im collect am, kon hold my bombom tight, begin lick πŸ‘… my ears from back. I dey even feel im cucumber πŸ₯’ dey shuck me from back, as im dey lead me enter my parlor, we enter parlor, im turn me to face am, carry my hand put for im shirt, make I help am free im button, while im dey remove im trouser.

Me sef dey rush to make sure say im pull cloth, bcos na only me no wear anything and e no bam like that, as im trouser drop for ground, wetin my eyes see eeh, my mouth no fit talk am finish. For my 25 years for life and my 8 years of knacking, I never see cucumber πŸ₯’ wey big like this, fear grip me…

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Ngozi; chim o. John, wetin be this? You wan remove my womb? Haaa, no no no, I no fit carry this one at all. Wetin I do you abeg?

John; you no do me anything, Ngo. I know say e too big and na wetin dey make girls run from me, but no fear, abeg. I no fit wound you, I go use softly dey enter you, until e reach the middle and I no go put the whole thing inside. Me sef no fit do anything wey go cause you pain na, I go make sure say you wet well well, before I begin put am. No worry, you go enjoy am, na me dey tell you”

Ngozi; make I believe you sha, but if I feel any form of pain, I go push you comot, I no dey use my kpekus play at all”

As I talk finish, I position my body for am with fear, if this boy tear my kpekus eeh, make I no talk first. Shebi na me dey find big cucumber, I don see am now dey run. I put my hands for chair kon bend my bombom face am, as dog level, na so e go easy for me to push am comot when the pain start, I no fit shout. I close eyes dey expect the thing to go inside any moment, but this guy still kneel down under me, begin another round of torture with im tongue πŸ‘… kai, e be like say dem send this boy to come suck away my destiny finish. The pattern wey im dey use this time around different from the kitchen own, e just be like say im dey slap πŸ‘‹ im tongue for my kpekus, I no just understand wetin dey happen again, wetin I know be say the sweetness wan gimme diabetes.

As I notice say my legs don begin go weak, I spread them apart the more, kon strong am wella for ground. John dey put plenty spit for my kpekus, to make way for im mighty cucumber to do smooth sailing, as spit don plenty inside, join the oil wey dey come out from there, the combo kon bam, na then im begin put im cucumber inside me small small. The thing dey sweet me eeh, as im dey push am inside with serious care, make I for no shout…

To be continued.

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