“I am not straight, I am a s-exual outlaw!” — Denrele Edun

A new show titled ‘House Rules’ has launched on YouTube, and it opens with the eccentric Denrele Edun who is getting fans excited with some of the answers and shocking revelations he gave on the show.

House Rules, a unique kind of reality interview show which features four hosts had Denrele as its first guest, and he brought his A-game right from the very beginning; adding the right dose of humour and liveliness to the show.

The eccentric act whose s-exuality has been something of a mystery to many was put on the spot, and he responded by saying he is a ‘s-exual outlaw’ – Whatever that means, you will have to find out when you watch the show.

Denrele also did not hold back in giving details about those he has dated in the past; some of them, you may find quite shocking.

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