How The Woman I Was Helping With 300k Monthly Stopped Me From Giving Her Money I Was Getting From A Guy I Helped Get A Three Million Naira Monthly Job – Angela Nwosu

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I helped a guy get a very well paid job, his salary is 3million per month, so he gives me 300k every month, immediately he receives his salary. I started giving the 300k to this lady 👇, had to save her account number in my beneficiaries, so as to transfer immediately I get the credit alert from the guy, same as I do to others. I started giving her the money from June last year. The last time I sent her 300k was last month.

Today, she wrote me to tell me to stop sending her money, that she is now doing well for herself, just imagine how nice this lady is. How many people will do this? The ones I started giving way before her, hasn’t for once told me they saved up the money to use it to start a business or something, instead, they will even cook up lies to collect money, like they gave me money to keep for them. This lady really surprised me today and made me a very happy person, eziokwu, chai.


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