How A Woman I Was Helping With Her Baby’s Needs Blocked Me On Social Media – Angela Nwosu

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Early last year, I saw a very beautiful 5 year old girl from the post I made, where I picked 5 kids to pay first term school fees for. I had already selected the 5 kids I wanted, before I saw the picture of the girl. I immediately wrote her mother and told her that I would like to adopt her daughter, it was more like a mini adoption. I told her mother that I will take up every financial obligations about the child; her school fees, clothes, feeding and others. It was love at first sight for me and I was so happy to do it. Her mother was surprised and elated.That singular action, proved to be my biggest mistake😢😞🤦‍♀️ Her mother opened a very expensive office on my head.When we started, the girl’s school fees in Abuja was 15k, after I paid the first term fees, second term came, she told me the school wasn’t good enough, gave me a lot of reasons that made me agree for a change of school. She came up with the list for a new school, which was 58k per term, plus registration and school uniform, it amounted to 90k. I sent her 100k. She came back to demand for school sandals for the child, I reminded her of the 10k balance from the 100k I sent her, that she should use it to buy sandals for the baby.Third term came, I paid her school fees, 58k. Two weeks after, she said the roof of her house collapsed and almost killed her child, that she needed to move, she went on to send me pictures of the dilapidated house, I felt so bad and told her to look for a new house, that I will pay. Three days later, she gave me list for the new house, rent is 300k and she was asked to pay 10% agent, agreement and caution fee. I told her it was too expensive, I wondered who will pay the next year, if I pay the first one, after much back and forth, she got a cheaper one of 150k per year. She told me it was her friend that gave her one room in her 2 bedroom apartment and was asked to bring 150k as yearly payment, I accepted it and sent her the money, I also added extra 100k for new mattress and mini wardrobe for her daughter. Christmas came, I sent her 100k to buy clothes for the baby, not minding the fact that I send her 20k every two months, for minor things the baby needs. She claims to be a hair dresser.One week after giving her the 100k for the baby’s clothes, she wrote me that the baby was sick, without delay, I sent her 60k to take care of the baby. I kept checking on her to know how the baby was doing, until she told me everything was fine, only for her to come back 3rd week of December to ask me for money to take the child to the village for Christmas vacation, I told her not to take the child to the village, since she doesn’t have transportation fare, because, I was sure that a 5 year old child doesn’t know what christmas vacation is, not to talk of wanting to go. This lady got angry, and told me that if I was sure I was doing this with all my heart, I won’t be arguing with her about what her baby needs, after all, she was on her own, and I wrote her to tell her I wanted to take care of her daughter, now I’m acting like someone is forcing me to do it😰Oh, I cried😭
That comment made me drop tears. She was right, she didn’t tell me to take care of her daughter, I was the one that reached out to her with my intentions. I have been doing everything for that girl, even when I knew that her mother was padding a lot of bills and scamming me😭 The one thing I refused to do, which was sending her money to take the child to the village, turned me into a bad person, automatically. She spoke to me in the manner that made me regret reaching out to her.After that statement, I stopped replying her, she wrote me every once in a while to apologize, but I kept ignoring. Then today, she wrote me and said that her daughter is seriously sick and needs 150k for blood transfusion, I ignored her… few hours later, she blocked me🙂I regret coming across that lady, with every fibre of my being, but I don’t regret coming across her beautiful daughter and the few times I heard her voice and saw videos of her, those moments meant a lot to me.This experience won’t stop me, I already have few kids I’m doing this for, out of Facebook, I will still, definitely, pick another little girl from Facebook, to add to the list. Life itself is a lesson😊❤️ and 💡Udo!

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