Gospel Song: Prince Hakuzion – Gbesi Reni Gi

Hakuzion also known as “Hakubaba” the song “Gbesi Reni Gi” is an Opkameri word meaning “Everybody run come” both Somorika and Ososo languages were used.

The idea of the song is in different ways, one is of a guy who has become successful and wanted sharing his wealth with all his people, secondly about the blessings upon our land by God Almighty and also celebrating the goodness of Jah all over the land.
Empeace Osoname was part of the success of this song, Hakubaba or Hakuzion’s songs he has on Record are Hallelujah, Kpukuyeke , Ayomosi and there are lots more on the shelves,
Celebrate life and who you’re people of God

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