Girl Sneaks Food Into A Cinema, Using A Fake Pregnancy Baby Bump (Photos)

African girl beautifully sneaks food into a cinema, using a fake baby bump (Photos) By NellyBillz | January 25, 2018 0 Comments Save

In most cinema houses, food items which are not bought at the theatre canteens are not allowed in, hence the reason why the girl had to conceal hers under her dress, in a way that would easily give away as a baby bump.

A South African Instagram user has revealed to followers how she had surreptitiously managed to obscure a plate of confectioneries into a cinema house and interestingly, she was even bold enough to go as far as sharing the pictures from this act on her account.

Alongside the pictures she posed for with the food pack underneath her dress, she wrote,

“How to sneak food into the movie theater.✔✔✔ Yep! I was nervous t first then killed it😂 Had it on the entire day.☺”

See her post below:

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