Where is @Erigga and Emirate Empire? is the label deal worth it?

As an unrepentant fan. As a chronic listener of his jam, as the only one I have created a special playlist on my phone for many years, I think it is my duty to ask some few questions and also make suggestions when necessary.
When the Emirate Empire deal was announced, I was one of those fan that was happy that a new chapter has just started in the life of Erigga.
New deal, new breathe of fresh air. New concept, new approach to thing, new banger to dance to.
But up till now, am still trying to pick what’s new from Erigga.
A trip to the south album can’t be rated as his best album because we have seen Erigga giving us good street music. Wild wild west, real matters, dem nor get two heads, dead bed, industry nite can still stand shoulder tall with Lagos Ebuka, Bless Me, Biggie man all in a trip to the south etc.
Fans can still sing word to word of most of the old jams compere to this recent album.
The same partner of multiple songs with few videos just like in the former label, is the same thing with Emirate Empire.
Not attending events mostly to Connect with fans is the same thing with Emirate Empire.
Not producing most songs that will make it to our airwaves(radio) is the same thing.
No much media paparazzy, interviews, personal shows is the same thing with this new label.
So what has changed from the former label to this new label?
I can’t seems to find the king of the south. Is he in Lagos or Warri?
What are the plans for 2018? Any major project? Videos, hiptv interview? Club and university tour?
These are questions begging for answers from die hard fans like us.
We know that Erigga is the king of the south but remember the south is too big for one man to rule. New kings are aspiring to break through and rule their territory.
Twest is coming strong, Gbasky, Mr blue ice, Wilsonee are no push over, Yung 6ix is laying claim to the throne and so it’s no longer a one man race. Lots of people are lining up to sit on the throne.
Until the king starts doing things that paramount rulers can’t do, then a time will come where he will be forced naturally to drop the crown. Even Mugabe was forced to leave.
Have downloaded some tracks from the last album and sincerely, it’s only few that can make it to radio. Even the few that can make it to radio are nowhere to be found. Aside downloading links, there is nothing else.
Lagos EBUKA ft Duncan mighty and Bless me ft Orezi are two songs that I feel if well publicized and pushed with a good video would have pushed the album.
People don’t feature known artist for featuring sake, but to climb up using their fan base to.
Phyno used Olamide platform to climb, we started noticing falz after karashika with phyno, Simi came on board with Falz, solid star came up with ONE IN A MILLION with 2face, Patoranking is a product of Alubarika with Timaya, Humble Smith tagged Davido along in Osinachi and the list can go on and on.
But if I can recall, Erigga has featured Olamide, Duncan Mighty, Skales, Orezi, Nosa etc. But non has added value to the brand because they have not been well utilized. Except Duncan mighty and Olamide, most of the artist takes just chorus and you outshine them. Their fans world wide won’t Pay much attention and you need them too to push the song.
Imagine if Olamide has just taken intro on GHOST MODE. Phyno might probably been in the east now producing songs for artist but no, he was willing to share the whole song 50/50. Letting top featured artist playing more role in songs will help.
Some artist pays huge amount for top musical producers to produce their songs. Others seek the services of clearance Peters
To handle their musical videos because using these people gives you are edge when promoting your song. These guys uses their influence to make sure your song gets to some platforms because they also want to keep themselves in business. But who are the top musical producers that produced the album?
Is master craft, young John, Kris beats too expensive for Emirate Empire?
I don’t know the details of the deal but I think, they can do much more than they are currently doing.
A deal goes beyond having a rented apartment in Lekki or having a new car. Because after the deal, where will you go to “O king of the SOUTH?
And so it is very important for both parties to sit down and strategize. Money needs to start coming into the label except they are both comfortable with their income.
Erigga as an artist needs to be more visible. We the fans can’t tell of where how king is. Lagos or Warri because you don’t get to see him in shows.
A strong media team needs to handle is online PRO. Jamnaija don dey support right from day one. An Erigga listening party or industry night with celeb in attendance even if it means paying some of them to come, hiptv coverage, solid videos etc will put him out. As long as you can keep him out there, money will definitely flow.
You have to invest first before seeking for returns.
Lagos state has all the structure you need to put him out there.
While am in love with the lyrics, I think at this point, caution should be applied. What’s the need of producing  song that majority will find too offensive to listen to. Prick, kpakus, drugs etc. These words can be coded and we will still understand.
We have hard core rappers but they code their lyrics. Make i fry your kpomo will get airplay than make i f*uk your T*to.
Life na sense and these few words should be enough for both the artist and the Label.
I can’t love the Erigga brand Less thats why I will always continue to speak up when necessary.
Boss Remember, fans are like Prostitutes that can easily change customers. At the end of the day, it won’t be how many song you produced but what’s on your bank account when you leave the scene.
Remember even 2face had to change from Africa Queen to Gaga shuffle just to meet demand.
You can change your pattern, code some lyrics but don’t change who you are because to me, you are the KING of The south where I come from. It’s my personal opinion.
I hope my message is a bit clear.
All your songs will remain evergreen on my playlist. I dey wish you well.
Just my thoughts n i
Olokpa mindset
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