Easy Way To Resume Back Failed UC Browser Download (Expired Link)

Hello guys. Season greetings to you all, today i have brought to you a simple way in each you can resume does expire download link on UC Browser, Downloading on UC browser is so cool with it massive Speed of downloading, but when it come to bad network time and you are about to finish downloading heavy file. and your area network disappeared or your phone battery just shake, when you on back your phone what you will later find in your UC browser is a failed download link which you won’t be happy to see. most of us will just leave the file there and some do Re-download the file again which will cost you additional time and data, but here is a simple trick you can use to continue the fail/expire link download on Uc browse.
This is usually annoying because you will have to waste additional time and data to restart the download. Well, if you ever experience this or you are experiencing this, the solution is here. I will show you how to resume the expired download link on UC browser or UC mini. Just follow the step-by-step guidelines on this page.


Step 1: Once you try to download a file and it stops, pause the download and minimize the browser
Step 2: Now go to your storage location and locate the folder UCDownloads
Step 3: Now you should find two things in the download folder. The main download files and a temporary download file with the extension (.dltemp)
Step 4: Move both files, (Main and temporary files) to a new/different folder
Step 5 Now minimize and go back to UC Browser and resume download
Step 6: Now the file should start downloading from the beginning. Just wait for about 60secs and pause the download again
Step 7: Go to your storage>>UCDownloads and delete the two files there
Step 8: Now go back to the new folder/different folder you move the first files to (Step 4). Copy the files and paste them back into the UCDownloads folder.
Step 9: Now resume download and see the magic!
Hope the tricks work out for you let us know in the comment box below

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