Designer, Maryam Elisha Apologizes To Mercy Aigbe And Aggrieved Bride Over Controversial Wedding Reception Dress.

Maryam Elisha of Rikato by Me, the fashion designer who caused a controversy over the wedding reception dress she sold to actress, Mercy Aigbe, has penned a public apology to the actress and newly-wed lady, Lawrentta Sawyer.

Maryam Elisha

On New Year’s day, Laurentta via her IG page, had accused Maryam of giving her wedding reception dress to actress, Mercy Aigbe to use for her 40th birthday shoot.

Lawrentta claimed that she bought the fabric and gave it to Maryam to make her a dress for her wedding reception but instead Maryam used the Fabric to make a dress which she gave to actress, Mercy Aigbe who used it for her 40th birthday photo shoot.

Following the whole drama, Maryam has today, publicly apologized via her IG page, to Mercy Aigbe, for the embarrassment the whole thingy must have caused her.

Maryam also apologized to Lawrentta whom she says has been avoiding to speak with her. Both apologies below:

To Aigbe,

Dear Mercy Aigbe @realmercyaigbe, I am sorry I haven’t been in touch since the the dress incident. I was actually out of town with limited internet access.

I know I owe you an apology and actually I would like to do it in person and explain so we can resolve the issue.

Neither you nor the bride deserved what happened. This is not my proudest moment ever. I feel so terrible for what this has caused you as well, especially seeing the comments and knowing that majority believe you were at fault here, which isn’t the case. This is so sad.

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Once again, please accept my apology. I will continue to apologise to you and my other client, the bride. I hope we can sit and talk about it.

Thank you, Maryam Elisha

And to Lawrentta…

Maryam also shared screenshots of her previous conversations with Lawrentta;

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