Daddy Freeze attacks Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo again

Outspoken on-air personality, Daddy Freeze, has again questioned the concept of tithing as preached in most churches by replying to the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

Daddy Freeze Pastor Ashimolowo had tweeted: “Jesus is our High Priest after the ORDER of Melchizedek. If Abraham brought tithes to Melchizedek the High Priest, we, the seed of Abraham must also bring our tithes to Jesus, our High Priest.#ThePowerOfTheTithe.”‎

Freeze replied and asked:

“So how come Jesus never collected tithe & how come no one ever ‘brought’ tithe to him or disciples? Are we Melchizedekians or Christians?”

This is not the first time Daddy Freeze will be replying the Senior Pastor as he has been at loggerheads with most preachers due to their church’s take on tithing, which he ( Daddy Freeze) sees as another form of extorting the church members.

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