Basic Home Studio Equipment for Indie Artists: A Guide

What are the essentials for a Home Studio? If you’re an indie artist, this question might be on your mind. Home studio equipment can get expensive and it’s important to know what you need before investing in any of it. This guide will provide you with a list of basic home studio equipment that is good for starting out as an indie artist or band.

Basic Home Studio Equipment for Indie Artists A GuideWhat is a home studio?

A Home Studio is a space in your home that you use to record and produce music. A Home Studio can be as simple as a laptop, microphone, headphones, and some software or it can be much larger where people live and work at the same time. You may also want to have one room of your house designated for this purpose while you continue to live in the other rooms. Home studios can vary greatly in size, cost, and what they have available for use depending on how big your budget is!

How much does it cost to Set up a simple home studio?

The Home Studio costs vary depending on the features you want and need!

Setting up a home studio can cost you around $500 to $2000 dollars depending on the equipment you get and where you buy from.

A Home Studio doesn’t have to cost a lot if you are on a tight budget! Home studio equipment can be found at thrift shops or online.

But just because it’s cheap does not mean that it is of good quality, so make sure to buy used Home Studios Equipment from eBay sellers with positive feedback.

The basic equipment needed for a home studio

Below are some of the basic equipment you need to set up your home studio as an Indie artist who wants to create music from home.


You need a Laptop or a Desktop Computer to set up your Home Studio. A Home studio computer is for recording, editing and post-production of the music you create! You can buy one or build it yourself. If you are on a tight budget then there may be some used computers available that will work just fine as long as they have enough memory and storage to handle the Home Studio software you need.


Basic Home Studio Equipment for Indie Artists A GuideA Home Studio needs a microphone to record vocals, acoustic instruments and drums. The most important thing when choosing one is that you like the sound it captures! There are plenty of different microphones out there with varying prices; if your budget allows for it, choose one that has multiple uses so you can experiment with what sounds best in certain situations.


Another essential home studio equipment is Headphones, you need to get one if you are going to listen and mix the sounds you create yourself. Home Studio Headphones are designed for optimal sound quality and isolation so they’re not as loud as regular headphones that leak noise into the microphone when recording vocals or instruments.

There are many different options for Home Studios with varying prices, but some popular models include:

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

A Home Studio needs a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to record, produce and edit music. The DAW is the software that you use for recording your voice or instruments onto the computer. It’s essential for editing and post-production of all these sounds! There are many different brands available with varying features; choose one that fits your needs.

A Home Studio that is starting out doesn’t need a high-end DAW, but it’s important to have one because without it you won’t be able to do much! So start with something simple and upgrade in the future when your budget allows for more features.

Some popular Home Studio software :

  • Pro Tools 12
  • Logic Pro
  • Audacity
  • Garage Band

MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard

A Home Studio needs a MIDI keyboard or computer Keyboard to compose music. These instruments allow you to play the notes that are heard in your song by pressing on specific keys and then record them into the DAW software. Home studio keyboards can vary greatly in size, cost, and features based on what you need!

MIDI Keyboards offer a lot of the same features as a Home Studio keyboard, but they are not played like an acoustic piano. They have their own musical scale and each key can produce different types of sounds when pressed!

Some popular Home Studios keyboards for this purpose include: Akai MPK Mini MKII

The MIDI Keyboard is perfect if you want to compose your music by playing the instrument instead of clicking on a mouse. It’s also good for Home Studios who want to avoid spending too much money up front because it has fewer features than an acoustic piano!

MIDI Keyboard prices vary greatly and range from $70-$400 depending on what you need them for – some are just used as instruments and others can be used to do Home Studio recording.

A set of speakers

You need Home Studio speakers to monitor the sound as you record. Home studio monitors are designed to be louder than normal speakers so they can give an accurate representation of how your music will sound when finished.

A Home Studio needs a set of Home Studios Speakers in order for you to hear what is being recorded or mixed. Home studio speakers are louder than regular speakers and offer better sound quality if you can afford them!

Speaker prices vary greatly so it’s important to research Home Studio monitors based on your budget before purchasing. Some popular brands include: KRK RP-160M, Genelec M040

Where should I set up my studio in the house?

You need space in order to set up your equipment and monitor sound. So where should you set up your home studio in the house? You can set up your home studio in your bedroom but you might need some acoustic treatment, to get the best quality sound when record. You can also make use of your garage or basement.

Final Thoughts

This Home Studio Guide has talked about some of the basic Home Studios Equipment that you may need to create a home studio! But before buying any of the equipment listed above make sure to always do thorough research and never buy anything off Amazon without reading reviews first. You want to make sure you are purchasing from a seller with positive feedback. I hope this guide helps you in getting the equipment you need for your home studio, cheers!

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