42 Pump Action Rifles Hidden In Sound Systems And Imported Into Nigeria, Intercepted By Police (Photos)

Mulitple online reports claims that 42 pump action rifles and 200 rounds of ammunition reportedly hidden in sound systems and destinedfor Nigeria, was reportedly intercepted by Police Authorities in Agadez city, Central Niger “smuggling capital of Africa”.

Pump action rifles

Some of those linked to the arm have reportedly been arrested, as the Police command is still carrying out a thorough investigation.

see some reactions below;

Philip Anundu Why would you import ammunitions like this. When you could use that money to start up a business here in Nigeria and live peacefully instead of living a life of fear. Some people are just in-human

Earl Dian If you have enough money to import such, why can’t you just invest in a clean business and live a peaceful life…well
I just want you let you all know that, we the village people don’t have a hand in this. Igbo kwenu 😁

Abdullahi Danjuma The problem is that who is behind all these smuggling can’t the police do proper investigation to find out who is involved in all these cases? Oh forgot police only know how to collect bribes. Smh.

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