3 Factors that Diminishes Love in a Relationship

Can man ever live without being into one or more relationships? Of course No. Being into relationships is a norm of man. At certain times, the maintenance of relationships becomes a big problem of individuals, owing to the fact that the love in such relationships is short lived.

When such love diminishes, there is always bound to be problems as regards to maintaining such relationships. The following facts got a hand in diminishing the bonding force of love in a relationship.


  • Lies as the mother of all sins, tends to drain love effects in a relationship even beyond mans imaginations. The funny thing about a lie is that when you tell one, you need to tell more to back up that already told,While its dangers may be that you can’t tell if your partner already knows the truth before presenting such lies to them. Lies goes beyond destroying the pillars of a relationship which trust happens to be one.
  • Secrets
  • At some point in time in our life, man has secrets to keep to himself. When one is into a relationship, if you’ve got lots of secrets, it makes you become extremely conscious of what leaves your mouth. Such characters could be perceived by your partner as – you not been free with them, probably while chatting, Try trashing some of those secrets as they might end up claiming the love that protects your relationship with time.
  • 3. Pretense

    When one finds love, there comes zeal to impress whosoever they are in love with. While doing that, it is better just to be yourself, as putting up a different version of you will do more harm than good….Letting love glow should be the watch word of a relationship, as strangling love brings forth evil fruit like disrespect, arrogance, distrust etc… Let the true rays of love reflect in your relationship.

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