10 Mistakes Musicians Make And How To Avoid Them

Mistakes Musicians Make: Music has always been a powerful force in society. It is the universal language that binds us together and helps to form our personal identity. This is why it’s so important for up-and-coming musicians to take their music career seriously since mistakes made now can affect them for years into the future.

It is important to note that mistakes are not always a bad thing. Mistakes can be used as opportunities for growth and learning if we allow them to be. The mistakes musicians make, however, usually hurt their career because they keep the musician from getting where they want to go in their music career.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you 10 mistakes musicians make and how you can avoid these mistakes so your music career thrives.

Common Mistakes Upcoming Musicians Make

10 Mistakes Musicians Make And How To Avoid ThemBelow are some of the mistakes upcoming musicians make that can affect their career

1. Not building a strong social media presence

A common mistake musicians make is not building a strong social media presence. You can get in tune with your audience and keep current fans updated on new music by using social media platforms properly. It takes time to build up an online fan base, but it’s worth the effort because you will have people following your every move as you release more singles and albums.

  • Don’t forget to post photos of your live performances, studio sessions and hangouts with other musicians; these are all fun opportunities to get people excited about what you’re up to.
  • Share videos on Instagram or YouTube that let fans know how the songwriting process goes from start to finish.
  • Use hashtags related to the genre of the music you’re making to get more exposure on social media and increase your followers.
  • Don’t forget about blogging! Blogs are a wonderful way for artists to share their thoughts, connect with fans and keep them up-to-date.

2. Thinking they can do it all themselves

Another mistake musicians make is they think they can do it all themselves. While you may be blessed with natural talent, there are some areas of the music business that require expertise and skillsets outside your own. Don’t neglect these aspects by thinking you can do everything on your own! You’ll find yourself in a bind without any backup when something comes up.

  • Booking agents are great for helping you put together your tour dates and venues.
  • You’ll want to invest in a good lawyer who can offer guidance on how to protect your music, trademark or logo from being copied by others.
  • Don’t forget about the importance of public relations. This is one area where an expert can really help you. PR professionals will create and execute a plan to get your name out there.
  • You’ll want to have an accountant on hand who has experience with the music industry. And can help manage mistakes that musicians make when it comes to their finances, including underpaying taxes or not properly calculating royalties.

3. Spending too much money on production and not enough time on marketing

Another mistake musicians make is spending too much money on production and not enough time on marketing.

Often, mistakes come from a lack of understanding about the music industry or what it takes to be successful.

This leads them to spend more cash than they have to put out an album. But it’s important that you create something with longevity instead of something that will be forgotten in a year.

  • – Spend some time and get to know the music industry. mistakes come from not having enough knowledge about what it takes to become successful.
  • Don’t spend all your money on production without also spending some cash on marketing. Create something with longevity instead of something that’s going to be forgotten next year.
  • Consider the mistakes you’re making when it comes to marketing and make adjustments for your album to last long.

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4. Not being open to criticism or feedback

Other common mistakes musicians make is not being open to criticism or feedback. Feedback and critique can be very valuable for any musician looking to grow their career as it helps them prepare themselves for future mistakes.

You must take the time to consider each piece of advice you’re given because your success will depend on how willing you are to learn from others. Mistakes come when artists refuse to listen.

  • Collaborate with other artists, songwriters, producers and engineers in order for everyone involved in a project to get an understanding of what they want out of the end product.
  • Learn from feedback and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Remember that mistakes happen! This isn’t something new and there’s no shame in making one every now and then, the best thing is you get to learn from it.

5. Ignoring the importance of live performances

one of the mistakes musicians make is ignoring the importance of live performances. Live performance gives you an opportunity to connect with your fans in a way that can’t be replicated through social media or blogging — mistakes come when artists don’t see how important it is

  • Don’t feel like you’re limited by what you’ve created, whatever stage setup works best for the type of show and venue will work.
  • Bring people on board who are good at arranging the content for different types of shows and venues so they know exactly where to position themselves depending on if it’s a seated concert hall, club stage or festival field.
  • Consider hiring someone who has experience in production design as this person would be able to help create setlists for each type of event.

6. Being afraid to explore their creative side

One of the mistakes that musicians make is being afraid to explore their creative side. You’ll find a lot of artists who never push themselves and as they continue to do the same thing over and over again, you can start seeing mistakes come from not understanding what it takes in order for them to grow — mistakes happen when people don’t understand how growth happens

  • Artists often get caught up with doing things the way they’ve always done them.
  • Ask yourself “How am I going to avoid making this mistake next time?” after every new project or album release so you’re constantly evolving your style.
  • Make an effort to collaborate with other different types of musicians because it’s important that everyone involved has some input on what goes into each product. The more you collaborate, the fewer mistakes you’re likely to make.

7. Not having a clear vision for the future

One of the mistakes musicians make is not having a clear vision for the future. These mistakes can happen when you’re too caught up with what’s going on in your current situation. It comes from forgetting about life after landing that big success.

  • Have an outline and detailed plan before signing any contracts so you know exactly where to go next.
  • Don’t rush into anything because there are plenty of opportunities out there, take your time and be patient while looking around at different possibilities.
  • Consider hiring someone who has experience as they will likely have seen all the ins and outs and pitfalls associated with each opportunity which means less mistakes for you!

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8. Making decisions based on fear

One of the mistakes musicians make is making decisions based on fear. It’s important to remember that the reality of mistakes can be different than what you expected — mistakes happen because people don’t know how things are going to turn out.

  • Don’t let your dream die just because it doesn’t work out at first, keep believing in yourself and there will come a time where everything falls into place.
  • Keep track of all goal progress and celebrate successes no matter how small they may seem. This gives you an opportunity to see what mistakes have been made so far which then allows for reflection. Mistakes like this happen when artists forget about their goals.
  • When dealing with mistakes or setbacks, focus on solutions instead of problems as this ensures better results in the end.

9. Relying too much on other people’s opinions

One of the common mistakes that musicians make is relying too much on other people’s opinions.

These mistakes happen when you don’t have a clear idea of your own opinion and as such, are more often than not swayed by the public. Mistakes come from forgetting what matters most. While it’s advisable to take feedbacks and constructive criticism, it is also important to know when to ignore the bad ones.

  • When deciding between multiple possible solutions to problems, always go with what feels best while considering how this decision will impact the end product.
  • Don’t let anyone else take control of your future because then there won’t be any mistakes for them to blame but themselves.
  • Be open-minded and try new opportunities out even if you might fail once or twice before finding success. Sometimes these explorations lead us down paths that weren’t originally planned but this is what makes mistakes so exciting.
  • Critics and naysayers are not the only people who matter in life. There’s also your family, friends, partner, etc to consider when making decisions.

10. Hiring inexperienced managers and agents to help with their career

One of the mistakes musicians make is hiring inexperienced managers and agents to help with their careers. This can lead to mistakes because they might not know much about your music — mistakes happen when you don’t have someone on your team who knows what they’re doing.

  • Make sure that whoever takes care of all aspects of your professional life has a deep understanding of every detail involved in order to avoid mistakes.
  • And if you find yourself feeling lost, stressed out, or just plain overwhelmed. Get outside perspective by talking things through with friends and family members. Sometimes it’s hard to see how everything plays into making mistakes without checking back in from time to time.
  • Be selective when choosing people as this will increase the chances of avoiding mistakes down the road.

Final Thoughts

These mistakes musicians make are bound to happen, I mean, we are only humans we can’t always do it right.

And if mistakes do happen, then take a step back and figure out what went wrong so that you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Knowing that we make these mistakes and addressing them, help put us back on the right path.

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