Young Nigerian Man whose dream was to race for BMW, dies in a fatal accident while racing on Christmas Day

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A motorsport enthusiast who was simply identified as Daniel lost his life in a high-speed crash when the BMW he was driving crashed into a bridge.

According to a Twitter user, @chukaobi who said he saw the victim race past minutes before the accident accompanied by another vehicle shared the tragic story online.

We came across the deceased’s Instagram, @mcskon and we discovered his love for fast cars.

Tragically, Daniel lost a lady named Adaora Okoli believed to be his girlfriend in a BMW crash on April 21st 2014 as can be confirmed from his Instagram page. He was also in the car at the time but he survived.

He wrote on His Instagram; imagined me doin this, words can never express how I feel, trying so hard to be strong for u baby..wish I cud wake up from this dream..I know for sure you’re in a better place cos this world is so cold..I’ll never forget you cos no one can ever cover for’s true u don’t know what u got till it’s gone..I miss you so much’s so hard to live without you..nothin makes sense anymore..memories of the great times we had wud live one really knew u like I did..wud I ever get over u..please rest in peace baby please..we all miss you..thanks for being there for me..I feel so love and my sister..farewell..”

He wrote again; “It’s a year today I survived this crash, even though I lost my best friend I’ve held on to every memory of the moments we shared and it’s got me thinking..will people remember me when am gone and what they’ll remember me for, life is not necessarily about how far you’ve gone or how much you’ve made, it’s about touching people’s lives positively so you can be remembered for good, you’ll always live on Adaora Okoli, thank you thank you thank you for giving me so many wonderful moments to remember, keep resting in peace my love! Do something amazing for a total stranger today in her honor please!!”

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Daniel’s dream (as written on his BIO) was to race for BMW, that dream has been tragically cut short, please be safe out there guys…

May his soul rest in peace.

Photos below;

The accident scene;

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