Watch – Avengers Infinity War New Trailer promises epic Wakanda battle at the end of the world

Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 19th film, will see Avengers and other Marvel superheroes squaring up against the intergalactic warlord Thanos. Those who have followed the MCU from the beginning will obviously want to watch this film as soon as it hit theatres, but the film has a universal appeal as no film before Infinity War in history has brought so many superheroes together to face one villain with godlike powers in live-action.

The latest TV spot released by Marvel teases not just the grand battle, but also the high stakes. Thanos is coming to claim all the Infinity Stones and even without them, he can take on multiple metahumans single-handedly. But he also has his fearsome Black Order with him, a bunch of superpowered aliens who serve him and want to fulfil his quest. The TV spot begins with familiar visuals with a percussion instrument thumping in the background. We see Captain America meeting Bucky Barnes, who is weirdly cheerful about ‘the end of the world.’

The Wakandans chant something in response to T’Challa, probably before the battle begins. reports that the word they are chanting is likely “yibambe” which means to “hold off” or “hold fast”. It sounds epic, but I would still like to see a proper pre-battle speech. Then there is a shot of Spidey swinging between falling debris. We also see Bruce Banner… in his Hulk form finally.

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