Video: D’banj Stops His Performance At A Concert In Enugu, To Rescue A Female Fan Being Assaulted (Photos)

See this cute video of D’banj stopping his performance at a concert in Enugu, to rescue a female fan being assaulted, but many people are now saying he is imitating drake who did something very similar some weeks back

However he still did something worth commending…

Related News: Drake stops his concert to call out a man allegedly sexually harassing women in the crowd

Drake has no time for sexual harassment, especially at his show.

On Tuesday, the 31-year-old rapper abruptly stopped his concert at a nightclub in Sydney, Australia to lay down the law with a man who was spotted groping and touching women without their consent.

The instance occurred right as Drake was about to rap the hook to his song, “Love Yourself.” After seeing a man sexually harassing female fans in the crowd, Drake told his crew to cut the mic, so he could give the creep a piece of his mind. “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and fuck you up, bruh,” Drake said.

The crowd erupted into applause. Realizing that the man might have thought that he was joking, Drake affirmed to him that he was dead-serious about his zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. “I’m not playing with you,” Drake said. “If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls, I’m gonna come out there and f— your a– up.”

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