See Photo Of Young Nigerian Girls Rolling Up And Smoking We*d

This photo of some young Nigerian girls proudly smoking we*d has gone viral for obvious reasons!

Tackling menace of drug abuse in Nigeria

The case of drug abuse in Nigeria is rather rising than declining despite efforts by the governments, the medical community and the civil society to arrest the situation. As the United Nations marks the 2016 International Day Against Drug Abuse on Sunday June 26, The Guardian revisits the issue especially among the youths in Nigeria and the danger inherent in the illicit habit. ALERO BINITE, VICTORIA OLISA and STEPHEN TANBA report.

A 19-year-old Jide Sodeke (pseudo name) is often fascinated by the glitz and glamour displayed by the celebrity idols on television, he told The Guardian. He would sit enthralled before the TV watching his larger-than-life -heroes as they gulp assorted drinks from slim cans or soda bottles, and getting high. When he finds out from friends that what the youthful glitterati sometimes drink is a mixture of code*ne and beverages, he tries it too, and loves the feeling. That is how Jide’s journey to drug addiction begins. “I call the mixture my African cocktail, ’’ he said.

Shina Bamiduro (pseudo name), 22, is also a lover of “African Cocktail”. He started with cigare*tes, and then his friends told him smok*ng is dangerous because it can kill, so they introduced him to a more “harmless” drug, which is code*ne mixed with Fanta.

But Omowade Osagie (pseudo name), 20, a third year student in a Nigerian university, has a taste different from Jide and Shina’s.He prefers coca*ne to a blend cough syr*p and soda. He even peddles the drug secretly to other addicts. But whenever, he runs out of stock, he goes for Cocacola mixed with code*ne.

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