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January 26, 2019.

Family liberation!

A lot of people are seriously suffering today, due to some deep rooted spiritual curses in their families.

You might be hard working, but certain ancestral powers will be busy wasting all your efforts. The reason many people are hiring pastors and spiritualists these days to help liberate their family, is because of some powers challenging the progress of people in that family.

If your foundation is destroyed, you shouldn’t get married as a woman without fixing it first, if not, you will get married and be in the worse marriage ever. You will be operating under a curse you don’t even know it’s source. That’s why a lot of people lay their hands on good things, businesses, projects, etc, but they do not prosper in them. You cannot fulfill your destiny in life until there is a thorough checks and balances in your family, if things aren’t going well for you, make sure the problem is not from your family first, before blaming innocent people for your misfortune. Many people are simply in family bondage. They cannot make progress nor achieve anything in life. It’s as if their mothers gave birth to them into family problems. Almost everything they lay thier hands on, never prospers. Where others go to succeed, they go and fail. If you look at the background of some families, you will agree with me that most of them are suffering in the areas of marriage, finances, progress, victory, etc.

There are curses issued upon a particular person in the family, maybe a mother or father and that curse begins to affect any of their children about to make a major breakthrough in life. Once the curse is operational, it will affect the person and almost everyone in that family. For instance, if the curse they issued against your father or mother is poverty, everyone from that family line would be so poor and struggle so hard in life with nothing to show for it. The children will never succeed in life, because, if they do, the mother or father (cursed) will benefit from it. Sometimes, the curse gets broken once the mother dies, and the children begins to do well immediately after the burial, that’s when people begins to say they used their mother for blood money, not knowing it was their mother that was tying them down since. Others will continue to suffer, even after the death of the parent that was cursed, until there’s a serious family liberation.

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Family liberation is one of the toughest things to do. Some pastors or spiritualists are wasted by these strange powers in these villages. Some of them go there because of money, without being fully prepared. It takes somebody that understands the spirits and how it operates, to carry out a successful family liberation, if not done well, the problem remains.

In some cursed families, the evil curse doesn’t manifest immediately, until it sees that a member of that family has become rich or making headway, or has a very bright future, that’s when it will rise and cut the person short immediately. You will see a wealthy man go broke and begins to sell off his precious properties, because of family problems. You see a beautiful lady, married to a wealthy good man, the curse from her family will strike and things will change drastically for them, it’s either her husband goes broke, or becomes mean to her and start treating her badly, even begins to cheat like never before and bring in other girls.

Family curses have patterns and the agonizing thing about it is that people suffer ignorantly, for what they know nothing of.

Personally, I think everyone should go back to their roots. If you don’t get to the root of your problems, you will never get the solutions to your problems. Everything in life is not about prayers and “keep praying” just like they always say.


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