Pastor Curses Daddy Freeze over his Preaching against Tithing

A Pastor has placed a curse on Daddy Freeze of his preaching against tithing an offering.

Daddy Freeze took to Instagram to lament about how a Pastor, whose church he atteneded and gave tithes to for 11 years, placed a curse on him because he questioned him about where in the Bible the first disciples collected tithes.

In a video he shared on Instagram, he said;

“It was brought to my attention today that a Pastor, whose church I attended for more than eleven years, a man who was entrusted with teaching me the word, cursed me. He said he gives me 24 months to see my end. I reject it! Why? Because i dared asked him to show us where in the bible the disciples who were our first pastors and daddy GO’s collected tithes. This was a man unto whom i entrusted my tithe for eleven years, my offering, I contributed to the building of his current temple, and then he curses me. i reject it, and i forgive him, and i hand him over to my God who sent me on this mission. God bless you.”

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