Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Treated A Man Who Was Stylishly Trying To Poke Her “Big Chest” In A Taxi

Admittedly, several women suffer se*ual harassment everyday when they go out because of their natural endowments or when they cross paths with a se*ually frustrated male.

A Lady has had to fight back in a typical fashion as she got into a commercial taxi, and her co-passenger tried to get freaky with her.

Here’s what she wrote on Twitter ;

So took a taxi this afternoon and sat beside this idiot. Oga started wriggling, turning here and there, I knew he was trying to poke my b*obs stylishly, immediately he poked me, I jabbed him hard with my elbow, Werey pariwo… I just unlooked. Bloody pervert!

Serves the Pervert right, if you ask me,, lol.

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