“Nigerian Billionaire Aliko Dangote Has Just One Private Jet But Pastor Oyedepo Has 4 Private Jets” – Nigerian Guy Reveals

Facebook user named Don Boro has just taken to his page to call out Pastor David oyedepo;

Aliko Dangote is the President and CEO of Dangote Groups Bishop Oyedepo is the General Overseer of Winners Chapel International.
Both men sit on billions. Dangote employs and feeds millions. Oyedepo receives 10% of salary of every Dangote employee who is a member of Winners Chapel every month.

Dangote owns and runs industries. Oyedepo owns and manages investments including fees paying University. While Dangote pays taxes to the Government, Oyedepo pays nothing. Dangote has one private jet but Oyedepo has a fleet of six private jets including Bombardier. Citizens are supposed to be responsible and tax compliance. Here we are with two extremes; a community builder and a Scammer.
Our Government needs to take a second look at the fleecing charade known as Organized Religion.

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