Meet The Guy Dion Johnson Who Works For PornHub And Makes $38k Monthly A Whopping N14.1Million (Photos)

This Nigerian Guy Named Dion
Johnson just posted the cheque he
got from Pornhub a whopping 38,987
Dollars A Whopping 14,111,122
Naira (N14.1Million), and the
internet has gone crazy, the post
currently has over 21,594 Shares,
4,200 Likes and 2,000 comments
went many people begging him to
put them inside the p0rn business

He Captioned the post;
PornHub know good and well they
ass owe me $44,000 but I’ll take the
$38k for now lol… i’m about go
deposit this right quick
All Also had this message for Ladies;
I pray that in 2018 all females stop
f**king for FREE and start charging
a hefty FEE

Update he just took down the

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