Inside Life (Part 5) 18+ By Angela Nwosu

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Inside life. Part 5!

The sweetness nearly make me lose my mind. Upon say im cucumber big, the way im dey use am stretch my kpekus small small eeh, chim o, this guy too good abeg. Small time, im bring am out, bend down, spread my kpekus apart wella, that interior design kon show well well, im use plenty saliva from im mouth plaster for my kpekus. As im dey do am, my knees just dey shake, e don weak from too much torture from John tongue, any moment from now, I fit knock off, this sweetness go gimme stroke o, ogunudu?…

Ngozi; Johnnnnn, you… you.. u, chim o. Aaaahhhrrggggg, knack meeeee. Knack me, oya put cucumber o, insert am now, e don doooo”

Upon all my rants, John no even do like say na im I dey follow talk, the next thing, my legs đŸŠ” lose balance, I just see myself for ground, my breathing dey very fast and heavy, how come I never meet this kain guy since? Upon all my beauty, na economy class knacking guys dey gimme chop, na now John carry first class knacking come. See as im broke, kon get this talent, rich boys no get talent at all, tufiakwa.

The way John take turn my back again to face im cucumber eeh, my kpekus go hear am this night. Nobody dey even think of peppersoup wey dey microwave or say im no go fit go house again as night don reach. This guy position me wella, kon begin jejely put im cucumber again inside my kpekus, I don dey drip oil, be like I dey drip ororo, my kpekus don open die, I no feel much pains as im dey tear me with him mighty cucumber. The glide in just dey make all my face swell up, I no dey even feel my nose, e just be like say my nose disappear comot from my face, the more im push am in, the more my brain dey go high. The sweetness don dey make me fall in love with am, I no sure say e get babe wey this guy go knack wey no go fall in loveđŸ™†â€â™€ïž

By the time half of im cucumber enter, im kon stand still, begin touch the two oranges wey dey my chest, na then I think say I go pass out, people wey say ‘too much of everything is bad’ no lie at all, na John cucumber go kill me like this. I don wait make im knack me, but nothing happen, the guy still no make move, na my oranges im focus on, as I no fit bear am again, I begin to move my waist front and back, I start small small dey do am, im just stand, as the full meat dey rub my entire kpekus wall like say na scrub e dey scrub am, the veins alone wey dey im cucumber, na another man entire cucumber be that. I bite my lips hard as I start to go fast. Na that fast be like say e touch John somewhere, im kon leave my oranges, grab my waist wella, na then the main gbedu begin enter body, with reckless abandon…

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Ngozi; yessssssssss
Like that, na there e dey do me, heeeeeee
Aaaaaaaaaaah, I go die o. Like this sef, I don die
There there, you dey get am die, there there there
No need sef, just kill me ooo. My kpekus o. Oku
Labam John. Lasiem ike. Lapum stubbornness
John lapum shegeh. My kpekus go worship your cucumber. Knack me knock legs o. Tear meeeee
Destroy my kpekus, I give you license, tear ittttt
See fire ođŸ”„ e don dey burn. My kpekus don catch fire. Hot hot hotttt, yes, you don dey hit there again
Mummy m ooo. John iga egbukwa m
Nnam nee kpekus laa gwogwoooo
Scatter it, yes yes yes yes, ohhhhhhh
See sweetnesssss ahrhahebebarbshhargs
John, na so you dey knack? Tiger, chim o
Haaa haaa haaa yess yess yessss yesssssss
It is finished zzzzz na here knacking finish
Like that like that, yes John. Oga john onye oma John ooooo, haaa haaa shhhhhsseehhhhhh”

Na so I speak in tongues dey go. This guy knack my sense comot, e kon be like say I don dey fall in love sef. Na so im knack me for almost one hour before im cucumber kon discharge, as pro wey im be, im no discharge inside me, im pull out kon pour am for my body. No be say anything sef go happen if say im pour inside me, I no be small pikin na, I go run am immediately, no be today.

I pick my phone check time, na after 2 in the morning. Na so time dey fly if sweet body begin do person. John no go fit go house again na, this one wey im don dey wear cloth, I no say im just dey pretend, im go like make I use my mouth tell am to stay…

Ngozi;? Wait o, na go you wan go so? See time na, this guy sef, abi you just wan hear wetin I go talk ni?”

John; no o, e get as e be if I sleep for your house na, this no be the plan, besides, I no know if you get bobo or anything, make person no catch me here in the morning break my head. Na lagos we dey. Make you help me book uber with your phone, abeg”

Ngozi; hahaha 😂 this one no well sha, you think say I get bobo kon allow you knack me? So inside your mind, you been think say na person babe you dey knack? And you still go ahead to finish the knack”

John; at first, e no come my mind at all, as I see you dey touch yourself inside that kitchen eeh, I just forget myself, e just be like person wey need help, so I gats help am. Na as we finish, I kon reason am say you fit get bobo o”

Ngozi; yimu. If say I get bobo, I no go invite you come chop peppersoup, no to talk of to touch myself when I know say you dey kitchen. Oga calm down jare, I no go let you comot this house by this time. You go sleep here, when day break, you go your house”

To be continued.

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