Inside Life (Part 3) 18+ By Angela Nwosu

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Inside life. Part 3!

As I baf finish, I use body spray and perfume scatter my body. I even spray am in between my legs, just incase say my kpekus change mind again, begin smell like oti, make I no go feed person pikin poison. I wear one light short gown like that wey gather all my curves, but I no wear anything inside, so if I dey waka, make my bombom dey shake.

I don wait for John tire but I no hear anything. One mind been say make I call am but I say no, I no go call am, make e no be like say I dey rush am. Na 8 oclock dey knack, if I wait reach 9 and I no see am, I go just hug my pillow sleep, but e go pain me sha, e go really pain me, my kpekus don dey vibrate since, e swell up like wetin dem blow, kai. Abi make I just call this boy? Na me conjy dey do o, make I no use pride miss this food, haaa.

I no know when I doze off for my chair, na my phone wey ring wake me up, na so I dive to pick the call with sleep eyes, as I hear the person voice, I weak, I think say na John sef dey call me, e kon be say na one junior staff wan ask me mumu question. After I follow am talk finish, I check time, na 9:30 dey knack. Vex kon enter me, who that boy think say im be sef? A whole me, Ngozika, invite am for my house to come chop food and chop another food after im don chop the first food finish, im get the guts to disappoint me, heee, chineke. Hot cake like me wey boys dey rush. Anyways, I no blame am sha, na wetin loneliness dey cause, if say I get correct bobo now, wetin concern me with John. I no go even gree give am my number, na bcos say e get as things be for my side…

I still dey boil with vex when my phone begin ring again, this time na John dey call me, maybe im wan beg me say im no fit make am again, I almost no pick the call, but I decide to act mature…

Ngozi; hello, this one wey you dey call me by this time, hope no problem?”

John; aaahn aahn, Ngo, no be you give me address say make I come chop peppersoup? I dey your gate like this, but your security no let me enter the estate o, dem say make You call dem first, na why I dey call you so. No tell me say you don change your mind, na surulere I from dey come this waka so”

Ngozi; chaii, see my life. I don even forget, na small sleep carry me, wait, make I call them”

Na so I jump up from the chair, call the security make dem let am come inside. Imagine me wey don dey vex sef say im disappoint me, I no know say im still dey come. I put hand for my kpekus smell am to know whether im still dey smell nice sha, I no fit shout. E no reach 5 minutes, my gateman call me for phone say I get visitor, I tell am to allow am come in. My body just dey maaa jijiji, today na today. As I dey hear im footsteps, I rush open my front door…

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Ngozi; chai, kpele, I no even know say you go still make am, as I no hear from you again, I think say you don change mind and night don reach”

John; nne eeh, na traffic o, everywhere block, but I talk am say even if the traffic like make e hold me for 10 hours, I must reach here. If I hear say I miss this free peppersoup. Omo, see as your house fineeee. Na only you dey live for this mighty house”

Ngozika; you sef, you too funny. Na this house you dey call mighty, this one na normal duplex na. My problem now na when you go use reach house. Na after 10 dey knack now, make I rush microwave the peppersoup for you to eat, so that you go see road quick reach house”

John; abeg no worry yourself, na man I be, lagos no dey sleep for night, if I comot here by 12 midnight, I no comot late, tomorrow kukuma no be work, na Saturday, so no issue”

I tell am no problem, kon enter kitchen to microwave peppersoup, I just dey think of how I go take draw im mind reach my kpekus, I want make im eat me first before im eat peppersoup, make im no go put pepper for my kpekus. But this boy fine sha, see lips, carry skinny body like bonga fish. This boy go sabi do o, only as I dey think am now sef, my kpekus don dey do pom pom pom, I just dey tight my legs as I stand for kitchen, but the thing no gree me control again, I no know when I sidon for ground kon begin use my finger dey knack myself, as the thing dey sweet me, I close my eyes dey knack dey go, my microwave dey beep, I no even know.

The next thing wey I know, I feel another person hand for the hand wey I dey use knack myself, I open myself, I see John dey look inside my eyes, dey dull small to see my reaction, the guy dey fear. I just carry im hand touch my kpekus, make im know say I want am. E just be like say something comot from im eyes, na so im put two fingers inside at once, take knack sweet tears comot from my eyes, before I go recover from that one, im don put my back for ground kon help me pull my clothes, everything just dey show, im kon spread my legs, put im mouth 👄 for my kpekus, na then I nearly die and e for be overdose of sweetness na im kill me, this guy lick me left, right and centre. I never experience this kain licking before, im use im hands spread am wella, that red place kon dey show, im kon put im tongue 👅 inside inside eeh, choi, I wan die. I just dey vibrate like say na earth quake.

The way im dey use im mouth dey draw all the juice wey dey my kpekus out, kon dey lick am clean, like say na ice cream.

To be continued.

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