How To Save Content on Your WhatsApp Status

Hello guys, I believe some of us already know about WhatsApp Story/Status, though i know some users do not like the new update but it’s worth trying.

Have seen many of my friends on WhatsApp asking me for my Status Picture or Video, if I fail to send the picture most of them do screen shot it.

Today I will be telling you on how to Save any contents on your whatsApp Status be it Pictures or Videos, It can be so tiring and boring when you have to re-view a picture or re-watch a video on your WhatsApp Status when you can easily save them and some of them might be having long captions which you would love to read or view though some Users already have the idea on how they can go about it but for the sake of those that are yet to get informed here’s how you can do it.


After the picture or video must have finished downloading, you can touch (hold) any part of your screen to pause the picture or video and release when you’re done viewing, for it to get to next content.

✔ To save a picture or video on your WhatsApp Story
✔ Go to your File Manager, Open your WhatsApp folder , Select Media, while on media you should click on your phone Options then select Show hidden files, after doing that you will see a hidden folder that comes up with the name *Statuses*
✔ Click on it to access the contents you already viewed, you can now copy or move them to another folder to save.

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I hope this information is helpful, if so don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks 

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