Breaking news: Thief gets Electrocuted while trying to Vandalise a transformer in Kaduna state

An Unidentified person got electrocuted in the early hours of today in Kaduna state Northern Nigeria while trying to Vandalise a Transformer,

it happen around at Shagari barnawa axis Kaduna south,

As of 9 am this morning his dead body Was still hanging there, the matter has been reported to the appropriate authorities for proper investigation to be carried out.

checkout some post below:

I guess the saying “everyday for the thief and one day for the owner” finally came to be in my area (Shagari, Barnawa, Kaduna State), when we woke up this morning to finding this Transformer Thief or NEPA 2 as some people call it, “deep fried” on the only high tension transformer in the area.

From what i gathered from the crowd, the karma happened last night when he and his friends tried stealing from the transformer but on known to them the holders of power (PHCN) brought back light exactly 11pm which led to his electrocution.

I am super glad that he didn’t cost us darkness throughout the night as Kaduna Electric and nearby police were alerted this morning and they have been working hard to evacuate his remains.

I can only hope his friends that ran away can be arrested when his identity is confirmed, and others will learn from it.


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