Breaking news: Has The Nigerian Peace Corps Bill Just been Signed?

The Nigerian Peace Corps Bill has arrived on the table of President Muhammadu Buhari…

What does it mean for Nigeria? The Peace Corps is one of the most recognizable organizations in the world. The new bill should open up new possibilities for the Corps. Nevertheless, the bill cannot work without the President’s signature. Want to know what president Buhari said about the Peace Corps in Nigeria? Continue reading to find out!

Peace Corps of Nigeria 2018

Premium Times disclosed that the much awaited Nigerian Peace Corps Bill has been passed to the President. The special adviser to the president on National Assemble (Senate) matters, Ita Enang, confirmed that the bill had already been signed and the President confirmed his positive attitude towards the bill with his signature.

President Buhari did not provide any response to the press concerning signing this document. However, Mr. Enang ensured that the president signed the document according to the necessary procedures.

The Peace Corps of Nigeria Bill has a long history with the formal procedure. It was first represented in the House of Representatives in November 2016. In December 2016, the special committee managed to harmonize this bill. On January 2017, the Bill was adopted by the House of Representatives. The Senate adopted the Bill in July 2017. Nevertheless, only at the end of December was the Bill was passed to the President.

According to the Premium Times, the possible reason for signing the Bill right now can be the events that took place in February 2017, when the Nigerian Police stormed the Peace Corps Headquarters.

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With the signature of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian Peace Corps will have the legal backing for its activities in Nigeria. It will provide more opportunities for the development of peace in Nigeria!

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